Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow, I'm going to 33 in 19 days.....

Well, it's the last day of June and OMG in 19 days I turn 33... wow I am old. I never thought I would be were I am at now. Don't get me wrong there are some things I wish I did differently ... but the general poll is that I am happy and that's what counts. I do have a couple regrets but the big one has been corrected and it's in the past. I have a couple more things to do before I grow-up. I thank so many people for shaping my life - that includes the ones that are phone call away, the ones that don't want anything to do with me & current life, and those who just don't get it ... Bottom line, I love you and I thank you for shaping my life.

Enough about me ... I have a blog challenge for you.... Visit Donna Phillips BLOG and leave a message. She is one of my favorite designers. Just for visiting ... here are 3 really cute Quick Pages and a Cowboy Fun word art just for you.

Download HERE

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scrapbooks Gone Digital Turns TWO in July!

Scrapbooks Gone Digital Turns TWO in July!
What does that mean... well it means that great kits on sale, fun challenges, and lots and lots if fun things to do.

The July Challenges has been posted already (Click HERE)....
Winning layout gets a 9 Clown Quick Pages (preview).
AND all participants recieves the Clown Paper Collection! (preview)
So check out the challenges (listed below)
and post your layouts in the SgD July Challenge Gallery
(don't forget to post a link in the Challenge thread)
July Challenges - Deadline July 24.
Voting of your favorite July layout starts on July 25

Here is a list of the July Challenges:
1) Ribbon Challenge -I found a list of 101 uses of ribbon for paper scrapbooking. Read the list and create your layout. You must have a ribbon on your layout. (list can be found on the Challenge thread)

2) A Time Capsule Layout - Graduation is always a time to remember. Create a Time Capsule page on the day of a Graduation. Check this page for time capsal information -

3) Pink and Brown Color Challenge -
Create a layout using only Pink and Brown Elements.

4) It's your Birthday!!! SgD is TWO in July. Create a birthday layout to SgD.

5) Button Mania Challenge -Create a 2 page spread using 15 or more buttons. You can use the same button if you don't have many button elements

6) Desktop Challenge
Create a Desktop Layout for July. Your layout should have a calender of July.

7) Keep it Simple Challenge- Create a layout using White Space.

8) Sketch Challenge Create a layout using this sketch -
It's the same sketch used last year.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

SgD June 2008 Challenges

SgD June Challenges

1) Create a layout using pictures to tell us what are your 5 favorite smells.

2) Create a layout about Cousins!

3) Create a scraplift using this layout by Norma - SgD Club Gallery

4) Create a layout using one from PageMaps WebSite

5) Create a layout with a Star.

6) Create a birthday layout.

7) Create a layout about a place you traveled to or would like to travel to.

8) Create a great BBQ reciepe.

9) Create a layout about an animal (a pet, a zoo trip, fish, whales, etc).

10) One, One, and one - Create a layout using 1 element from the SgD Club, 1 element from Donna's Club, and 1 paper.You can use one element over and over again

Post your challenge links back here! I love to see your layouts.

Just because. Here is a free QP using elements from Donna Phillips's Flower Frendz- Download link found on the left side. Thanks

Sunday, June 8, 2008



I've created a section on the right side for a quick reference to the downloads. Thank you

Why? do you ask.. it's to clear up space on my 4shared account.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sketch by Me (00025)

Blog FREEbie link removed - See Blog Freebie section on the right

Well it's perfect weather to "travel" to the "beach" .... I used my Sketch templete with Norma's new kit - "Travel" Collection and Donna's "On the Beach" Collection.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sketch by Me (00039)

Sealed with a Princess Kiss.... Sketch template. Hope you like it... Thanks

Sample layout - All elements by Norma (SgD's Club)
Kits used - Princess Paper (store link); Princess Glitter (store link); and the pink flower from Happy Spring elements kit (store link).

And for the sketch template download it (Blog FREEbie link removed - See Blog Freebie section on the right).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sketch by Me (00038)

I apologize for posting offensive material on my scrapbooking blog. I was excieted for my new opportunity and wanted to share with others.

Here is a new sketch I created this weekend. Enjoy.
Click (Blog FREEbie link removed - See Blog Freebie section on the right) to download the sketch.


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