Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Well tomorrow is the first day of a new year .... I am very excieted to see what next year brings. 2009 has been good to me cuz I am still breathing. I had dinner with John, last night (30th) as usual we had our expensive dinner and coffee afterwards.  It was a good meeting since he noticed I was happy... not stressed or had major drama. I can honestly say, I am content. Like any year, I had some ups and downs but in general.. I am somewhat healthy. I have a job - 2 of them..sometimes 3. I have a roof over my head and Shawn does 95% of the cooking. I have my mini-family. I am very grateful for what I have.....

In 2010 I am not committing myself to anything cuz I don't want to set myself to fail but I have some min goals that I like to complete to better myself and those around me.

1) To start my scrapbook business (S4O/S4H) site/blog up and have at least 1 business client (and that will be Rosemary, she is starting up her Baking business and I will be making pages for her web site, as well as, I am making her an album at the end of January)

2) Lose weight... I am happy so I am kinda cubbie. I am not huge like a couple of years ago but I am getting up there. As of right now I need to lose about 40 lbs. I am changing my eating habbits - have to cuz thats what got me here. The plan is 1) Cut the fried stuff - maybe once a month 2) Eat soup and salad for 3 nights each week. 3) Stop eating after 8pm and if I get hungry eat fruits and veggies.

3) Pay my bills on time. I am so bad at this so I want to make an effort to pay bills on time and at least above the min amout. Then once I got that down, then look for ways to start paying off my debt. The big one I want to be current is my car so sick of the calls every hour. Last month, on Saturday had a total of 10 calls...of course, I didn't pick up but still 10 on a Saturday!

I am excieted to pick up scrapbooking again.. I've been really out of the loop for a good 3 months. My video card died but I got a used but working one for Christmas from Fred. Plus Leanne gave her emachine efore she left.  I have a new blinkie made for my blog by Justine over at Scrappin'Bratz. Over to the right, you can grab it and wear it if you want. Also, there is a link to Justine's blog. I was asked to join a creative team which never happens, so that's something new. I have joined a couple of creative teams - five of them. In case you didn't notice, i've been posting their December Specials all month and updated my Nav Menu to include all my new and old teams and I tried to list all the CTMs per group. You will see some dups but different team. There are a couple of groups I might have to have a seperate post to list them all but for now they are sitting on my Nav menu (up there in the green menu). My new teams are ---

and I will continue to scrap for the following designers -
Store: Scrapbooks Gone Digital, Faith Sisters, Pretty Scrappy, DigiScrapbookMania
Store: Scrapbooks Gone Digital, Divine Digital
Store: Scrapbooks Gone Digital
Store: Scrapbooks Gone Digital, Stone Accents Studio, The Creativity Box

I like how my blog is filling up so I won't be changing it anytime soon I hope. I am not sure of all the requirments of the Pretty Scrappy QP Team but expect a QP blog freebie available for 7 days here. And I am so happy to be making QPs again for designers. I sold a couple when Simply Susan used to sell them in her store. That was fun!

I am tossing the idea of doing my own blog train featuring the CT kits I use during the month. I am not sure how I will do that but it's an idea I am tossing around since Blog trains seems to be a very good starting point to get the designers out in the open.

I got this poem or inspirational thought from a co-worker and I think its perfect to be said here. It's cute!

H appiness depends upon your outlook on life.

A ttitude is just as important as ability.

P assion find yours this year!

P ositive thoughts make everything easier.

Y ou are unique, with special gifts, use them.

N ew beginnings with a new year.

E nthusiasm a true secret of success.

W ishes may they turn into goals.

Y ears go by too quickly, enjoy them.

E nergy may you have lots of it.

A ppreciation of life, don't take it for granted.

R elax take the time to relax in this coming year.

Depending on the binding machine that John (BFF) is getting me for christmas will start the path in which direction I will make with my scrapbook business. I am thinking some of the albums, I will need to read up on hybird projects. Maybe, I will be able to afford the one that he doesn't buy and I can have two continuous paths. He said he hasn't ordered it yet but he will... lol he better. If he doesn't I can use binder rings to bind the printed ones for now till I get into the swing of things.
On the1st, we rest and recover from tonight and then on the 2nd we move to new apartment. We are moving into a studio... money is so tight it hurts to do anything big these days, but there were more Pros than Cons... Luckly, I picked up a client that wants me to work with her every Saturday. It should be good - she says she has a couple of friends that might be interested but if I am working on her every Saturday, one is enough. And since I have my Saturday's back I can grab the kids again... I do miss our 4 hour park time and then grab Ice Cream before I drop them off at home!

I think that is it I am sure I am missing a bunch more... Sorry no pictures but this post is really for me!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking for Some New Year's Kits ....

Well, I so itching to get back to scrapbooking... I have like one more week ...grrr! Anywyas, I wanted to let you know of some really cute kits to use for your New Year's Pictures....


Well I hope everyone will have a safe New Year's celebration.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone

Christmas Cow by Susan Spiler

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excusively at Bratz

Yup, that's right starting January 1st KiKeKa Kits can be found only at Scrappin'Bratz. What does that mean to you.. Head over to her soon to be old store: Glam n Glitter or Exquisite Scraps. Her kits are on sale for 75%

Well the main reason, I applied for Scrappin'Bratz Creative Team was because I really enjoyed KiKeKa Kits. My favorite kit will always be Tickle me Emo.

Here is her newest kit at Bratz is called Where Fairies Reside.

One of a Kind Design Studio

Oh I love her kits.. and she is back... well she is now at Ahhh Scraps! If you like her kits she is looking for a Creative Team to work on her kits.. Info! What's even better is that Moe joined her CT... and Moe does really cute layouts!

Her latest kit called Christmas Cookies

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cancer Free! - 2010 calender freebie

Well I just got word that Shawn's mom is cancer free! Yah! And that's something to put out there esp for awhile the meds were kicking her butt.

I created this Calendar QP a while ago and I wanted to offer it again in the celebration of the good news.
2010 Calender template by SgD Designs
Kit used by Simply Susan Godfrey

Also I wanted to pass along a couple of Christmas Sales over at my CT stores!

Don't forget that Kreative Kreations Korner opens January 1st. So if you are looking for a new store or a new place to CT in ...check them out

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Designs by Stina at Twilight Scraps

Well, I am not scrapping yet till January but I though I point you to a designer that I am really liking her new kits... She is known as Designs by Stina and you can find her at Twilight Scraps! I have 2 favorite christmas kits she has in her store...

First one is called Jaffalicious Christmas .... something about this kit just brings out the home-body in you

The Second christmas kit is called A Pinkalicious Christmas ... something about PINK with christmas is really a plus for me this year...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Joining a new team: Pretty Scrappy

I am excieted... in January I am adding Pretty Scrappy QP team to my list of Creative Teams. Right now they are having a Snow Day Sale. Check it out!
Free 9 Page Album with $15.00 Purchase

Place an order of $15.00 or more and get the new 9 pg set of Quick Pages created from Snow Day Collab Kit. Item will be added to your cart automatically once you reach the minimum order amount.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gemin Creationsz 40% off sale from now till Dec 21 Reminder

Well... Sales are going on everywhere. Here is one designer that is having a limited special of 40% off her products. Check them out at Scrappin'Bratz. My favorite kit is called Asian Persuasion Tagger

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SSG: Christmas Promo Daily Download Reminder

Well I am just reminding you that over at Simply Susan Godfrey's blog .....There is a daily download. It started December 1 and ends on the 25th... and if you visit everyday you will end up with a 12x12 Brag book, entire kit, and an Alpha Set... Check it out here

And in case you didn't here is the freebie from Dec 1... download here!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SgD Daily Download

Are you forgetting to check out Scrapbooks Gone Digital Daily Download... It's a really cute kit to download!

Monday, December 14, 2009


She said, "This is a very delightful kit; filled with magical elements that are perfect for so many layouts." for a kit Polka Dot Scraps created called Violet Garden

And the Current December Sales

Friday, December 11, 2009

Scrappin'Bratz WANTS YOU!!!!

This is a great place where the designers have full kits as well as tagger kits.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wilma4ever Looking for new designers and creative team members! New Store!

This is so cool. I've never been asked to join a team... So you know I am very excieted to participate as much as I can. Well new store and looking for YOU!

Twilight Scraps December Specials

Ok... I saw Twilight:New Moon, a couple weeks ago with Leanne. And I if I have to pick between Edward and Jacob... well it's Edward. Ok Jacob was great eye candy but he was just so whinny and annoying. My favorite of the bunch, is Alice. Her character is so cute. I haven't scrapped this kit but it's only $1.. created by Laura Design's at Twilight Scraps. She is Twilight's Designer of the Month of December so check out her stuff

And while you are checking out this kit check out the rest of the December Specials.
* December Designer Sales *

Athena Designs - 35% Off

Alyssa's Scraps - Everything $1.00

BabyVDezign - Everything $1.50

Bastelgalaxy - 35% Off

Bea Creations - 35% Off

CaysCreation Designs - Everything $1.00

Charmed Dezines - 50% Off

Crazed Creations - 35% Off

CreationzbyGrazy - 50% Off

Creative Intentionz - 40% Off

Debs Design - 45% Off

Designs By Ali - 40% Off

Gemini Creations - 40% Off

Heartbeatz Creationz - 50% Off

Jens Sweet Temptations - 40% Off

Joanne's Digital Designs - 40% Off

JosDZigns - Everything $2.50

Josy Carson - 40% Off

JuicyBits by Aiya - 45% Off

KarinaKat Kreations - Everything $1.00

Kiere's Creations - 35% Off

Laura's Designz - Everything $1.00

PolkaDot Scraps - 35% Off

Puddicat Creations - 50% Off

Rieneke Designs - 45% Off

ScrappinDsigns - 50% Off

Scrappin With Lil Ole Me - 50% Off

Seven Scraps - 35% Off

Soxsational Scraps - 25% Off

Stargazer Musings - Everything $1.00

Sticky Kisses Scraps - 45% Off

Wicked Princess - 50% Off

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mouse Collection

Well, the family is headed to Disneyland this week and I am going on Wednesday with my mini family. At Scrapbooks Gone Digital - SgD Designs has a  great collection!

You can check out other specials here!

Ahhh Scrap

Ahhh Scrap! This Christmas Kit is tooo cute... I love how many designers are using none traditional (red & white)  pallets. Here is the link for this adorable kit - HERE

And don't forget to checkout 12/8 Specials from other designers

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Blog to show off ADs

Well, I've updated my blog ... as in created a second one to report any Sales, Annocements, and maybe some freebies.... Keeping up with the Ads every week is hard plus they were overcrowding my main blog. Check it out... It's still a work in progress since I am on vacation from all my Creative Teams. I am so excieted to start scrapbooking again after the move ... 1 more month to go. There are so many adorable kits coming out from the ladies.
I have lots to scrap ... 2009 - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Personal Scrapbooks for #3, Michael, Lana, My Banana (Savvy), Leanne, Taylor's play, and Marc's Visit (hopefully he has new pics of Damien) ... I think that's it for 2009.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 10

Well I got this via email and wanted to share. You can find additional information here:

10 trends for 2010, that will assist you in getting things going (again).

Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion way before we temporarily stared into the abyss.

Urban culture is the culture. Extreme urbanization, in 2010, 2011, 2012 and far beyond will lead to more sophisticated and demanding consumers around the world.

Whatever it is you're selling or launching in 2010, it will be reviewed 'en masse', live, 24/7.

Closely tied to what constitutes status, which itself is becoming more fragmented, luxury will be whatever consumers want it to be over the next 12 months.

Online lifestyles are fueling 'real world' meet-ups like there's no tomorrow, shattering all predictions about a desk-bound, virtual, isolated future.

To really reach some meaningful sustainability goals in 2010, corporates and governments will have to forcefully make it 'easy' for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives.

Tracking and alerting are the new search, and 2010 will see countless new INFOLUST services that will help consumers expand their web of control.

Next year, generosity as a trend will adapt to the zeitgeist, leading to more pragmatic and collaborative donation services for consumers.

With hundreds of millions of consumers now nurturing some sort of online profile, 2010 will be a good year to help them make the most of it (financially), from intention-based models to digital afterlife services.

2010 will be even more opinionated, risque, outspoken, if not 'raw' than 2009; you can thank the anything-goes online world for that. Will your brand be as daring?

Just something to think about as 2010 is around the corner

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missing in action

Well, I've been busy at work and that's really taking up a lot of my time... where I do not want to log back on and look at a computer. I am also resting my wrists they've been hurting and numbing up lately. So I've taken a vacation from most of my creative teams and hope to pick up at the start of the year. I am moving again so have lots to do...

Friday, October 23, 2009

SSG: Something Sweet is Around the Corner.. New Store Today

Simply Susan Godfrey Designs has done it again... adding a new addition. You can find her kits at  Digi Scrapbook Mania starting Oct 23

To introduce her items to DSM viewers she is having a Buy my Shop Sale from October 23 to November 23..over 40 items value of $140 for only $15.

Thank you for checking out her shop and stopping by ...
here is a cute 12x12 Quick Page using
Simpy Susan's Treemendous Christmas

Saturday, October 17, 2009

SSG: Final Stop to the SSG 1st CT Blog Train

Final Stop to Simply Susan Godfrey's
First Creative Team Blog Train.

 I hope you left some love and you enjoyed all the freebies from each of the girls on the team using Susan's Harvest Blessings kit.  Here is my portion of the Blog Train.

At this time Susan has priced most of her kits for $2 and under. She also releases a new kit at least 3 times a month. Check out her blog

Here areis my favorite layout using Harvest Blessings

Guess who these beautiful eyes belong to?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Aboard the Simply Susan CT Blog train

All Aboard the Simply Susan Godfrey's 7 day Creative Team Blog Train -

Take a trip for seven days stopping at seven locations

downloading creations created by Simply Susan's Creative Team

(quick pages, cluster frames, desktop pages.. to name a few).

Here is the schedule:

Sunday 10/11 - Susan -

Monday 10/12 - Heather -

Tuesday 10/13 Always.Faith -

Wednesday 10/14 Lovely -

Thursday 10/15 Artful Pioneer Amanda -

Friday 10/16 Damsel Designs -

Saturday 10/17 - Tanya - <---yOU ARE HERE!

Here is a preview of my freebie available on Saturday!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

AD: A couple things going on in various places!!! Check them out!

Nothing new except my computer took another crapper and trying to figure out how to pay for the repairs without breaking the bank. Well Here is something free for stopping by!
Grab it HERE!

Calendar Credits: Hope Faith Love Cure kit by SImply Susan Godfrey and Calendar template by SgD Designs

Over at Divine Digital - Helping Hands Event from October 5 - November 15, 2009
Details here!

Over at Scrappin'Bratz - It's designer of the Month Sale- 50% off
Sale ends Oct 31 - designer link HERE

Scraps with a Mouse had their Grand Opening in September and all the designers created
a great Collaboration kit. Get it for $3.00

Then head over to Faith Sisters for Simply Susan Godfrey's Entire Store sale for $25.
She has a lot items that will be retiring so grab them while they are still around

SgD Designs Newest Product - Text Paths

Inspired Design Studio Newst Kit HERE called Summer Daze Collection

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SSG: Coming Soon - Simply Susan Godfrey's 1st Creative Team Blog Train

Simply Susan Godfrey's
1st Creative Team Blog Train coming soon
October 11 to 17
Everyday a freebie is available from Susan's CTM's blog
The blog train starts at

Friday, October 2, 2009

SB: Tickle me Emo by KiKeKa Kits

Before my computer went through minor fits, I found this cute tagger kit called Tickle Me Emo by KiKeKa Kits (Gina)... We since I turned down a CT that had ALOT of requirments, I wanted to support another designer. So I emailed Gina and instead of one designer I got a CT for the store. The store is called Scrappin'Bratz.  And if you head over there now from Oct 1 to Oct 6 is their Re-Grand Opening - new ownership! Everything is 50% off, so check it out!

And my layouts... This time around I used a couple of pictures
of Taylor.  They are perfect for this kit.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SSG: Hope Faith Love Cure - CT layouts

Just in time ... finished my CT layouts. I kinda cheated on the pictures and pulled them from the net. I would have used picture of Shawn's mom a recent survior of Breast Cancer this year. But she didn't want me to... the subject is still a little sour.

Get this quick page and a suprise cluster frame

and a non-breast cancer page
Lana on her bday bike


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