Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Found something sweet... Cupcakes

Well, I am still having issues with downloading kits but I will have to breakdown and download them via my brothers computer at my parents house. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Anyways, I looking for a cute birthday cake to bake myself, Shawn's Mom, and lana's birthday cake. I was looking at cupcakes! They seem like the next birthday cake - no need for extra forks and plates!

Here are a couple of sites that I've checking out ....

This weekend was bad. And I feel it will become a little more painful as July comes around. I don't undestand human nature anymore. Well over the course of June, so much has happen to her but she is just a plain lier but it doesn't excuse her from putting herself and her kids in danger. She says she wants out but she doesnt press charges. She says she wants a new life but she turns her head to those that try to help her. I tried as much as I can do but I am not getting involve she is trouble. I know it! She knows it! and those around her know it. Her story is a sad story to tell but I met another women that's a but more exciting. Last night we talked about our lives and what has become of it. She has 4 kids and one is one the way and she is 40+. She has been throu so much in her life and I am very happy to know her and call her friend. We are who we are due to the choices we make in life. And then there is what's his name, he is a good person who needs to set up for himself he almost did it but he was joking. But I bet him in darts on Saturday I think the score was 5-3. And then Khang challenge me I won 3 of 4. It was cool..he was not so happy. Not everything is perfect and will never be perfect. With all the whinning I do there are people that are worst than me. "We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to, wheather wanted or unwanted." That is the law of attraction ... And "to be valueable to anyone you have to have something to leverage." I see that now in a lot of people. Like "T" she expects problems and she is dead center in a big problem. Like "G" she expects a new start and happiness and she will get that especially with the baby on the way. Like "H" always in a good mood and happy as can be willing to help those around her but when she needs help no one is coming around but with her like Jack, there is new hope for her. She just needs to put the past behind her first. Like "J..W"  he expects nothing and he will get nothing especially to those who walk all over him and don't realize he is a good person to rely on.

Check back soon there are a lot of July 4th sales and SgD turns 3. We have a lot of exciting challenges and giveaways.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A couple of freebies from my favorite designers....

Well, I have officially have computer problems. I can't download but I can upload so no new kits for me till I figure it out. Which totally suck because Michael and Lana's graduation was this week. Leslie has pictures from Brandon's Prom and Graduation. Patty and Ray got married last week. I have picture but no new kits I feel bum'd but I do have old kits I can play with. I have a couple of things to tell you about.

1) Scraps With a Mouse - http://www.scrapswithamouse.com/ - Plus Free Quick Page
2) Cotton Candy Kreations - Current Designer Sale Page
3) Simply Susan Godfrey - Entire Store is priced at $1

Ok ,,, my birthday wish list has changed. My birthday is July 19.. and I get to work! Wonderful :(
1) Desktop Computer or Laptop at least 8G
2) Cricut Express
3) Unibind Thermal Binding
4) ... Money!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Funky Town

We live in a Funky Town where everyone just needs a break. Remember that new store I told you about the other day called Scraps with a Mouse. I have new layouts using DigiSkrapNMomma - Funky Town kit. 
This kit is great for all kinds of layouts I just happen to use it for Father's Day, Kids in a tree, and Kids making faces.  I made this frame using the Funky Town... Download link is in the middle of blog after my CT layouts.
Free Image Hosting
The first layout I made for a word art challenge. I didn't like the WA for the challenge since it didn't quite fit my layout. Quote - Sometimes being a DAD is even better than a superhero. It fit perfect with a picture I took a couple months ago with Shawn pushing Savvy on the swing.
The next layout using the same kit comes from the last lines to a song "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran. Those lines are: Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do but there ain't no cure for the summertime blues. Ok I took the picture deep in Spring but the sunlight bouncing off the kids and the tree was perfect for the line of the song.
The next layout is too cute, another quote: Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available by Jim Beggs. In the picture is Jelynn (my first cousin but only kid so I count her as my sister), Kevin (my little brother), Michael (my godson/nephew) and Lana (neice) doing what they do best - Making Faces.
I enjoyed this kit for much I made a frame but I did not use it. It didn't fit any of my layouts so I hope you are able to use it. I've attached DigiSkrapNMomma's TOU, please follow the TOU when using the frame. You can download it here.

Please go visit Scraps with a Mouse ... right now there are many kits that are 50% off.

There is another sale worth mentioning from Cotton Candy Kreations. Vist the Designer Sale Page for all the details. Each designer has their own special sale.

OMG today was not a good day and I expect tomorrow will be worst. I manage to come back and work for 4 hours provided that I misread my numbers and almost cause a headache. We just found out that the apartment that I live at was purchased by a new owner and we have a new manager... THANK GODNESS.. the last manager were horrible especially the wife. She was a Big B. It doesn't help that I live right next to the managers office. Well hopefully this manager is better than the last. Oh gosh I have to ask for a couple days off next week, my boss is gonna get mad. It's Michael's graduation from Kinder and Lana's from daycare. LOL.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few things to share

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.netA few things to share both scrapbooking and personal. Well, it's not a dab into designing because I used all the CU templates from Deb at The Scrapping Cop to make them. I was playing around one day and ended up with a couple of elements. If you like them, you can download them HERE and don't forget to visit The ScrappingCop's blog for those great CU downloads. I call it Pinky. There are 4 brackets, 1 flower, 1 phot mat, 1 background, and 1 quick page. No drop shadow added. Personal Use Only.
Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.netI am suck a sucker for pictures. I love the baby pictures! My co-worker sent me a picture of her first grand-daughter Sami @12 weeks. I made this quick page for a SgD Challenge but ended up giving a store coupon instead. Sami's outfit sooo matches the quick page. Credits: SgD Designs - Valentine Collection

I picked up another day at the bar so that leaves me with NO days off. I really hope I don't go nuts.. My normal job is Monday to Friday and at the bar is Satuday to Monday nights. Then I have my mini family on Wednesday and Thursday. So after work on Tuesday and Friday, I can actually sit down and relax provided that I don't need to do housework or any appointments. Ah I am gonna have to make time somewhere to have my play date with the kids... I miss those 4 hour trips to the park with three kids.

My Shoe and your hubby Congrats! Patty my co-worker just got married last Thursday! I am trying to get some pictures I have a new kit by Simply Susan Godfrey that I totally want to use. I also can use a kit by Kenna's Designs. I think my cousins got married last weekend too. I didn't get the message till later, my family figured since I am working they don't need to keep in the loop. But expect me to drop everything at a drop of a hat. Oh wells... that's family.

I found a new site called "Scraps with a Mouse" You should check it out! They are still looking for new designers and creative team members. You might know one of the designers from Divine. Design as DigiScrapNMamma, wells she is at this store! I found a new scrapper blog called Nzingha's Scraps.
Her layouts are amazing.. I will have to visit her blog again for some inspiration and ideas to improve my layouts.

OH wow, I just totally had a senior moment... okey time to log off here and get back to work. My project is due tomorrow then I am in court for the next two days... long story but I am just the taxi  driver. It should be interesting the next couple of days. I wonder what happened to Charles today. He had court to resolve whatever he had pending. He want to publish his book but you can't get a copywrite when your in the books. And he's having trouble getting his retirement money... basicly getting the run around. Well, I will see him tonight at the bar if they didn't lug him off to jail. Okey day... Sorry for rambling today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Joe's Pool Hall and Retro Groove

Finally I get to scrap my favorite pool shots of Shawn. I used Design by K kits: Retro Groove and Joe's Pool Hall (CU). He goes to Eddie's house at least 2-3 times a month to hangout and play pool. I get a few hours of quite while working and he is out on his day off.
I made this for a friend's Cocktail Party invitation she is having in a couple weeks.
Then I made this one for a ScrabooksFlair Challenge  I should print it and hanging it up to remind myself to pay attention to me first. I have a habit of dropping what I am doing to help out others and when I ask for the favor back they always make an excuse.
One thing, I like about this kit are the backgrounds. They bring out the pictures and the elements on the page.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mediterranean Dawn

This is a cute title for a cute kit by Athena Designs at Cotton Candy Kreations. I practiced on my extraction ... it's not perfect but I need more work on it to be able to create layouts you find at DST, DSA,  and other galleries. But I did like the one layout I used the quote: Attitude is a choice. I didn't have a picture to add to the layout so I added a bird doodle by The ScrappinCop. It actually completed the layout.
Savvy was posing for me for a theme challenge that I ended up not doing due to time. So it was a perfect picture to practice of extraction.
This is another picture I was trying to extract. I messed up by making the picture smaller before extracting from the orginal format so her picture is a bit blurry. I missed it but Shawn was able to make it to her Spring Concert... from the mini videos the kids all sound like future rock stars.
I can't believe I am working OT at regular job then go to the bar for the night shift. The one day I can afford to sleep in I volunteer for OT and its for Saturday and Sunday. I swear I hate what's going on these days.
I have more to whine about but I am not sure if I should. I just know I soooo need a vacation away from everything and everyone and my drama. Anyways, I found this really cool external hard drive but I can't afford it now but maybe later when things settle down. Wishful thinking. Oh wells. (And if my BFF is reading this .. I am not being the better person because I don't wanna. I should listen to you because your advise is usually on the dot but I don't wanna. So I am not. That will add to the drama later but I don't wanna).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hauoli Pakoa (Happy Easter)

Another kit from my new creative team... It's perfect for those Easter pictures you left out your scrapbook. I was working on easter sunday but I spend the day before making eggs and playing with the kids on Saturday. Kids = Lana (4), Michael (6) and Savvy (8)... Yes three kids under 10 and me. We mainly spend a good 4 hours at the park and the other 4 in various homes (mine, my parents, my friends, grandma's) and then after 8-10 hours I drop them off at their parents high on suger!!!!
Here is Alane's Designs store link at Cotton Candy Kreations. Here are CT layouts using Alane's kit - Hauoli Pakoa (Happy Easter).


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