Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl with a Star Frame Tag Freebie and catch up

I haven't done this in a while create a blog freebie... In this freebie you can download the one that you like. Sorry, I didn't think to zip them all into one file. I hope you like them. Please visit the designer stores if you link them. I turned this one into a hybrid tag book for a friend. I put her picture in one and then the other 4 tags I put inspirational phases. Then binded it with a couple off cute ribbons. I totally forgot to take a picture of it, she already came by and picked it up.
Tags are Personal Use only!
Now the credits...
The Tag Template was made by Inspired Design Studio. Store link
88 Designs by M kit used Tiki Chic And download tag here
Simply Susan Godfrey - Summer Sweetness and download tag here
SgD Designs - Dancing with Whales and download tag here
Scraps with a Mouse - Pink A Dots and download tag here
Inspired Designs Studio - Blossom and download tage here
More things.....
I found a cute blog train you should visit... Faith Sister Aug 09 Collab Blog Train called Live, Laugh, and Love. You can start at my CT designer's blog - Simply Susan Godfrey for all the details and Links!!!! Here is here part ... you can find it on her blog!!!!
and here is my one layout I did for this cute kit... oh I didn't see that ribbon wrap!
Well, I hope you like my tags... I had fun making my little hybrid album for my friend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Isabella's Album

I've posted these layouts in indivdual threads but I wanted to put all those layouts into one thread so the Parents and friends can pull them from one spot. I think I will post them via Facebook, when I have time after work.

Credits: All elements by SgD Designs
Credits: Kit used 88 Designs by M and WordArt by Fairytale Studios
Inspired Designs - Blossom kit

Finally Pictures of my little fish in the pool!

I finally took pictures of Savvy in the pool. It doesn't help it's hot these days and all she wants to do is play in the pool. I work so Shawn has to watch her, lol. She has a new bathing suit and she looks too adorable in it. It's a nice retro type 2 piece. And in my first layout I have her and her dad ... I printed this one out and the overlay came out really cute.

My Little Fish

Summer Sweetness by Simply Susan Godfrey

Now if you like strawberries this kit perfect for you... These strawberries look yummy to eat! This kit is called Summer Sweetness by Simply Susan Godfrey! You can find her at Faith Sisters and Scrapbooks Gone Digital.
Here are my layouts using this great kit... I love strawberries!
Another picture of Lana with her chocolate bday cake!
This layout will be also in Susan's Shop as a quick page.
Blast from the Past - A picture of me in First Grade. My grade school class are having a reunion in
August. It should be fun!
Bean and her girlfriends in Vegas.
I actually like the layout came out!
Have a good day!

New Templates by SgD Designs

These are great Photoshop Layered templates and they are CU friendly for all you S4H scrappers! So far I've 2 layouts using the templates T021 and T022.

and here are my version using the templates... Hope you like them because I know I do!
Cute is just a word
Credits: Template by SgD Designs and kit used Blossom by Inspired Design Studio

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pink A Dots by DigiSkrapMomma

Well, I first picked this kit for baby pictures but I used it for a couple of Lana's Bday pictures. Here are 2 layouts with Lana's pictures. This kit is called Pink A Dots by DigiSkrapMomma at Scraps with a Mouse.

Here are my layouts using this kit... It is really perfect especially with all the PINK!  I will eventually make additional layouts using the pictures on the 6th of July. I am playing catch up with my July CT layouts... thank godness my current designers are so laid back ... I am so happy to have them!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Isabella and a free bookmarker .. visit Simply Susan Godfrey's Store at SgD!

Well, I've been super busy at work so it's cauing me not log back on to scrapbook. I am seriously considering going hybrid or back to paper scrabbooking.  I've done a bunch of tumbler layouts and bookmarkers via digital but never really print them out and try them.

Well I made this layout the other day... This is Isabella. She was born on the day the king of pop passed away. Mommy - Felica and Daddy - Robert are doing fine. I have a handful of pictures in the hospital and one picture that is priceless with Mommy on the table and Daddy and Baby right next to her!

Credits: Background and Tree element by 88 Designs by M; Word art by Fairytale Studios.
I have a couple new quick pages that are new to Simply Susan Godfrey's stores. I used her Princess In Camo kit. You can find it here at SgD or at FaithSisters. I am not sure when she will post them to the stores but for visiting my blog ... Here is a bookmarker freebie - No Boys!
I should tell you a great deal with Simply Susan Godfrey's designs... At both store everything is priced for $1.00 for each kit or quick page. What's the big deal... At SgD... for the entire month is 20% off so that $0.80 and when it's her week which is the end of the month - there is additional savings! You should check Scrapbooks Gone Digital - Turn 3 Sale.
Before I forget here is a preview of the No Boys! Bookmarker to put one photo! You can get it here!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Birthday Weekend Update!

Well, my birthday was on Sunday but it all started on Thursday! Shawn was already off and he still had a cold but he was better. He took me to Red Lobster for my bday dinner. We went with Grant and Les. It was fun! I think the best thing that came out of the dinner was Shawn, now has an interest of eathing Samon! I love Fish but I don't eat it around Shawn. He doesn't like the smell, lol too fishy smell- durr it's a fish! On Friday, Shawn got sent home from work he was coughing to much at the register... and my boss let me go an extra 30 mins early.. So Shawn and I headed to Mayfair for a quick drink and saw Mike. It wasn't a good day for Mike, he just got laid-off and Shawn kept him an extra 2 hours and he ended up getting introuble with the wife. BUT as usual Shawn was able to calm her down and we all ended up at Mike's place.. we all drank a gallon of jager in less than 2 hours. We were there for about 5 hours. I became friends with their toliet since I was the driver. That was fun! It's a good thing I can't smell and taste. On Saturday, it was a day off for everyone except me I had to work.. It was sooooo slow even James White forgot to come by and play darts with me. I instead was listening to Charles. Charles was in a mood. However there were things he said I had to think about .. don't wanna b/c I really don't care and it was Saturday night and I wanted to go home. My bday ya! on Sunday... It was also, Dadd-0, Rich, and Rashell's bday too... My day started out a little upsetting but I guess its expected since she is mad at me. I woke up... Got a bunch of texts from wacko and jose and others and a happy bday song from Shawn's mom. Her bday was on Saturday. Shawn/I were to sick to go visit her. Went to my parents. Oh course the kids were out - they are in vegas visiting Grandma and Papa. So I baked my bday cake. Mother forgot my bday...Ummm, Yes she forgot it. Dad laughed he didnt forget me. He wasnt expecting me to be there so he didnt have his usual $100 bill waiting for me but he didnt forget me like mom. Got home to get ready for work, yes I had to work on my bday! We got there 2 hours ahead to start drinking before my shift .... Kelli brought balloons and Bryan/Robin went to Smart n Final and bought the food. There was some kind of falling out b/c Kelli didnt cook all the brocks. Byran got mad but got over it. He dragd me to Benny's for 2 more shots and LOL Robin was watching the bar. That was a sight she did not know what she was doing, Grant had to help her! Then Champion had too much to drink... he was crying and fighting to drive home. Grant and Bob took him home finally after he fell in the women's restroom. Leanne and Laura came by. Leanne made my chocolate and strawberry cake. Laura brought me sunflowers and one had a cute happy face with wobbly eyes. Barbara and Molly got me a flowers and a balloon and helpd me out behind the bar. Miget came ... he actually stayed for awhile. Bean and Fred came ... which was cool b/c Bean just got back that night from Vegas. They stayd for a drink or two. Gina came and others. James was there he got me a chip. Suprisingly Nick bought me 3 chips, lol and shawn took 2. I have 2 left but thats ok I dont drink much minus this weekend. Monday night, spent time with Rick and the Kent Family. They were in deep conversation about family, friends, trust issues... I wasnt participating since I am comfy with my friends and family. It did remind me to give BFF a hard time he forgot what day it was and completely forgot my bday text. And he never forgets my bday its the one day he gives me so much crap and I cant whine. Oh wells, he must be stuck on his thesis, so thats an excuse. And thats my weekend. Out of the whole weekend, I miss seeing the kids (Savvy, Michael, Lana, Kati, TJ, and MJ).... oh wells!

I didn't get anything on my bday list however I did have a good weekend with my family and friends.ANd missed a couple of them. The Kent family might throw me a makeup Bday party since I forgot to tell them it was my bday. So that should be fun! And tomorrow is my brother, Marc's bday! he's in the phillippines... I know mom won't forget his bday since she is not mad at him. Dad won't forget him either since he is his favorite! Ok, have to run and call into a conf call that they rescheduled for me since I had VPN issues in the morning. LOL

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just thoughts no scrapbooking here today

Ever since I started to have computer issues I've been thinking. And you know what thinking does to people... well in my case, it's putting a lot of things in presepective. I was good up until last week and now I am trying to refocus things again. I really do feel that this year is to start working on a plan so that 2010 I will be able to act on those selected things to succeed in. At one point, you can say things were a little too perfect but I did not know the value of it. I know it now that I've been able to work my way up and do things for me and not need a constant validation. Validation is a good thing but not when its the only thing you are looking for to make you happy. I am here, now, and that is what counts. I am here because I am doing things I want to do. I am enjoying my time thinking again. I have not been able to think in a long time. LOL, I still have brain cells that still work.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

An update on my current projects....

An update on my current projects. I found my kits for all my projects that I hope I can complete before the middle of August. The n I can start on everyone else projects for the holiday's.

I found the perfect kit to make my three albums for the three little girls that are due for 2009. ... well, 2 are born already and well the other one is on its way. I so excieted for finding this kit for these ladies and their princess. I just need to figure out when to working on them. I have tons of pictures already for one little princess. LOL they send me the pictures daily via my cell phone. Now to get them to send them directly to my email. Oh wells. The kit is called It's a Girl! by SgD Design (kit link)
Sample layout by SgD Design ... And these are quick pages for sale tooo...
This little princess belongs to Norma.

My CT layouts to come when I figure out when I am working on those albums.

Found 2 good kits to fit perfect for Lana's mini-bday party and her bday dinner with her brother, her parents and others... This kit is also good for the ones I will take at the bar for my bday party. Jay is coming to play so there is a Live Band. It's called Pink A Dots and Chocolate Covered Cherries by DigiSkrapNMomma at Scraps with a Mouse. I just realize I am going to need a Birthday related stuff, I will have to head back to SgD Store and use Inspired Designs Studios bday elements.  And then if Patty will ever send me her wedding picture I have a new kit by Simply Susan Godfrey called Joined In Heart with tons of wedding elements.

I've working on a handful of sketches I will be using for all of these album projects that way I am not making one layout for 3 different albums. Maybe after doing a couple pages they will say awe how cute and want me to make more for money. So I can finally start my S4H business. Which I am still working on in between things. It's a toss between before the holidays or start in 2010 to only do layouts for other for a price and no more freebies. Not sure which that's why I am working on my business plan in between things and why I so need more memory and or get a new computer for my bday.

Well, more to come when I get things done and ready to show them off to everyone. "Without action, you are not going to be able to produce the results that you want in your life." I am so trying to do more than just dream of it. I feel that right now is the perfect time to do rather than sit around. No one is really going to be there for me and my dreams so I need to step up to the plate and just do it for my personal satisfaction.

(BFF, so I need you to keep me honest and ask for that business plan when you come home. Maybe the "wife" can look at it at a business point of view and maybe he can give me points on how to get angel investors. Are you coming home for christmas or your just making the colorado and LA stops for a week and then heading back? Let me know. Oh yah, if you have time in between your thesis can you send me a couple of pictures of you and family so I can make your California parents an album. Or just a recent group picture so I can make a Holiday Photo Card they can send to everyone! And no, it's not to kiss booty, they already love me.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blossom by Inspired Design Studio

This is the latest kit by Donna Phillips - Inspired Designs Studio... What's new in her store are More tag templates, On the edge border templates, Card templates, and a sweet kit called Blossom. The one this I love about Donna's kits are her backgrounds and her bows. Here are 2 of my layouts I made using her new kit Blossom.
This us Lana's bday Card ... We secretly call her a monkey because loves to climb anything. She mainly climbs Kevin but her she climbd the tree without any help. And when she wanted to climb higher she slide down.. only minor scratches ..they were gone by the time we got home. Other credits to the layout: Alpha by Simply Susan Godfrey, Princess Glitter crown by SgD Designs, and the princess clip art - Unknown designer (kit did not have a TOU to reference back. So it you know who designed it please link her site under comments so I can give the proper credit).
The next layout the pictures were taken on the same day but I've included the rest of the kids. Playing, climbing, and collection tree sap. I have a Scraplift Challenge over at SgD - Taking 2 layouts as inspiration and making one layout as my own. You can check out the Challenge here!
Don't forget to visit Scrapbooks Gone Digital Store... It's turn 3 this month and the designers will be having great sales during the month of July! And in general if you make a $5.00 purchase there is a customer appreciation gift.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What a busy day... Today is Lana's 5th birthday!

OK.. I haven't scrapped these pictures yet but they were too cute I had to post them. I did make Lana's card with the pictures from Wilderness Park on Friday. The main picture of her card is with Lana and the tree that she climbed all by herself and slide down on when she tried to climb higher. It was also the tree that once she got to a point Savvy and Michael took off to get tree sap ... (You can see the card on July 10th posting)

Then on Monday! The 8 of us had a mini get-together for Lana's birthday since she is going to vegas to visit Grandma Yolonda. And then Kevin had to steal the spot-light with his big head.

and then the cutting of the cake... She didnt want me to take her picture cutting the cake. Listen to Kevin's special effects and then Fred and Bean acting like kids at the end. Love you Bean and Fred!

Out of all the pictures, this is my favorite picture of all of us hanging on Kevin! It was cute.... Kevin is such a good person I hate that he has to grow up to fast to be watch Michael and Lana. But he is a good person to do that .. I raised him right. and Bean turned into a good girl too. I am glad that Kevin & Bean are close in age so they are able to hang out and grow up together. OK getting a little sappy now.

I can't make it to Lana's dinner tonight because I have an urgent project due by the end of day! I would love to eat KP Shimp. Anyways I hope she has a good bday dinner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA... This is the birthday picture with the cake. This is the cake Kevin that baked ... She looks like my mom in this picture! Its too cute.. Lana does not look like her parents ... she looks like my mommy!

7/10 Update: Joy, I am not trying to start crap with you at all. I was pointing out that in this picture she looks like my MOM. I take that back, Lana doesn't look like anyone but Lana. On Monday, when we had a little get together it was a observation to me. The kids wanted to go to the beach so Kevin etc took them to the beach.. we added a cake and balloons since we were unable to have a party since you already made plans to goto Vegas for her bday per your email. Then we wanted to plan a combo party to celebrate my bday with Lana but we all have other plans and it's too late to send inviations to the rest of the cousins. I am simply saying Happy Bday to Lana with her cake picture. You are making this a big deal.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's on Sale!

What do you mean! There is a Sale going on almost everywhere! I have some great sale to inform you of and you will be happy that I told you first.

Scrapbooks Gone Digital
This site has grown into a wonderful and happy GIMP community and it's turning 3 this month. Be sure to visit the store this month. The entire month is 20% off but each designer is assigned a week and there is additional savings.

Cotton Candy Kreations
A great site for tagger kits, as well as, scrapper kits. There is a wide selection of kits in all types of themes. They've created a special page to list all of the current designer sales. Check it out HERE

Scraps with a Mouse
This is a new store and I was able to sample one kit before my computer problem. I checked back today and poof we have new designers and more kits to choose from. They are having a a special sale. With the purchase of $10 or more store product you will recieve a coupon for 50% off. You have to check out the store now.

Simply Susan Godfrey
@ Faith Sisters Store
Susan is a great lady. She homeschools her boys. She puts her entire store for $1 each kit. She just got back from vacation and while she was out, she had the 2nd highest sales in June at Faith Sisters. Well there are a couple things I want to mention: First she is hosting a Thursday Template Challenge. So if you need that extra creative boost check out this THREAD.
@ Scrapbooks Gone Digital Store
Well, this is perfect for all those S4H/S4O scrappers ... as you know her store is already at $1 for each kit. Since SgD is turning three her items are an additional 20% off for the month of July. And on her week there is additional savings.

Well, I am sure you will see a lot more sales going on this week for the 4th but please visit these ladies. They have great kits to add to your collection.

Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to visit the stores above for some great discounts! For visitng here is quick page (you have to download it to see it).  Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Happy Birthday America!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just me... Talking things out to myself.

I am working on my blog thread for all the July 4th sales and there are a lot of them, not including the birthday sales from a couple of my sites.You can go now I am just thinking out loud, i think it might get me introuble but at this point I am at a crossroad and don't care.

Current Projects Work
Heather and Felicia's baby album.  I am working on their baby albums now but having trouble looking for the right phase, word art, and sayings for them. I have some says I did for Norma's baby (grab them HERE) and I've found a couple good ones via the net. grrr and it would not feel right if I used the same layouts for both gals. .... Need pictures and Need to find the right album
Lana's Princess Album.  I am trying to get this done by her bday but that's not going to happen. Besides I won't see her on her bday anyways. We were planning for a party for her but I guess I should've asked what the parents were planning. Well, I might as well plan my bday and combine it with her. I have a couple of layouts already made and all I need are pictures!  Need Album and pictures
Business Plan for my scrapbooking business. Even though the economy is crappy and I am always poor. I am constantly working on my busines plan so that one day I will be able to have one of my dreams come true since the last one failed along with the other life. 
Mybday Party @ The bar. I think I will ask Jay to come and play. He did such a good job on his bday and the tips were great for me. Food, what goes well with beer and wine? Must have food cuz it keeps people there and want to drink more. Well, I have 2 more weeks to get that one done. Inviations, Band, Bar permission, Food
Bday Card. Make/Print and send. July is full of birthdays.. There are USA (4), Lana (8),  Joan (18), Daddy-O, Rashell, Arthur, and me (19), Marc (22), Lara (26) ... I think thats it  make the cards and send them on its way

Birthday wish list (you can always give me money and I can buy it myself)
From the BIG list:
1) New Desktop filled with lots of memory and all the graphic programs I can use (ie Photoshop CS4, Illustrator, GIMP, Elements)
2) External 1TB Hard drive
3) Cricut Expression
4) Thermal Binding machine and binders (Unibind or Coverbind prefer)
5) Money (to get #1-4)
From the TINY List:
1) iPod (I think I am the only one in this place that doesnt have one)
2) Clothes
3) Money to get my recolor my hair an get my nails done
4) Money to get #1-4 on the BIG list

Wishful thinking... I know everyone is poor like me and they rather spend it on someone or themselves.


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