Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just thoughts no scrapbooking here today

Ever since I started to have computer issues I've been thinking. And you know what thinking does to people... well in my case, it's putting a lot of things in presepective. I was good up until last week and now I am trying to refocus things again. I really do feel that this year is to start working on a plan so that 2010 I will be able to act on those selected things to succeed in. At one point, you can say things were a little too perfect but I did not know the value of it. I know it now that I've been able to work my way up and do things for me and not need a constant validation. Validation is a good thing but not when its the only thing you are looking for to make you happy. I am here, now, and that is what counts. I am here because I am doing things I want to do. I am enjoying my time thinking again. I have not been able to think in a long time. LOL, I still have brain cells that still work.

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