Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Birthday Weekend Update!

Well, my birthday was on Sunday but it all started on Thursday! Shawn was already off and he still had a cold but he was better. He took me to Red Lobster for my bday dinner. We went with Grant and Les. It was fun! I think the best thing that came out of the dinner was Shawn, now has an interest of eathing Samon! I love Fish but I don't eat it around Shawn. He doesn't like the smell, lol too fishy smell- durr it's a fish! On Friday, Shawn got sent home from work he was coughing to much at the register... and my boss let me go an extra 30 mins early.. So Shawn and I headed to Mayfair for a quick drink and saw Mike. It wasn't a good day for Mike, he just got laid-off and Shawn kept him an extra 2 hours and he ended up getting introuble with the wife. BUT as usual Shawn was able to calm her down and we all ended up at Mike's place.. we all drank a gallon of jager in less than 2 hours. We were there for about 5 hours. I became friends with their toliet since I was the driver. That was fun! It's a good thing I can't smell and taste. On Saturday, it was a day off for everyone except me I had to work.. It was sooooo slow even James White forgot to come by and play darts with me. I instead was listening to Charles. Charles was in a mood. However there were things he said I had to think about .. don't wanna b/c I really don't care and it was Saturday night and I wanted to go home. My bday ya! on Sunday... It was also, Dadd-0, Rich, and Rashell's bday too... My day started out a little upsetting but I guess its expected since she is mad at me. I woke up... Got a bunch of texts from wacko and jose and others and a happy bday song from Shawn's mom. Her bday was on Saturday. Shawn/I were to sick to go visit her. Went to my parents. Oh course the kids were out - they are in vegas visiting Grandma and Papa. So I baked my bday cake. Mother forgot my bday...Ummm, Yes she forgot it. Dad laughed he didnt forget me. He wasnt expecting me to be there so he didnt have his usual $100 bill waiting for me but he didnt forget me like mom. Got home to get ready for work, yes I had to work on my bday! We got there 2 hours ahead to start drinking before my shift .... Kelli brought balloons and Bryan/Robin went to Smart n Final and bought the food. There was some kind of falling out b/c Kelli didnt cook all the brocks. Byran got mad but got over it. He dragd me to Benny's for 2 more shots and LOL Robin was watching the bar. That was a sight she did not know what she was doing, Grant had to help her! Then Champion had too much to drink... he was crying and fighting to drive home. Grant and Bob took him home finally after he fell in the women's restroom. Leanne and Laura came by. Leanne made my chocolate and strawberry cake. Laura brought me sunflowers and one had a cute happy face with wobbly eyes. Barbara and Molly got me a flowers and a balloon and helpd me out behind the bar. Miget came ... he actually stayed for awhile. Bean and Fred came ... which was cool b/c Bean just got back that night from Vegas. They stayd for a drink or two. Gina came and others. James was there he got me a chip. Suprisingly Nick bought me 3 chips, lol and shawn took 2. I have 2 left but thats ok I dont drink much minus this weekend. Monday night, spent time with Rick and the Kent Family. They were in deep conversation about family, friends, trust issues... I wasnt participating since I am comfy with my friends and family. It did remind me to give BFF a hard time he forgot what day it was and completely forgot my bday text. And he never forgets my bday its the one day he gives me so much crap and I cant whine. Oh wells, he must be stuck on his thesis, so thats an excuse. And thats my weekend. Out of the whole weekend, I miss seeing the kids (Savvy, Michael, Lana, Kati, TJ, and MJ).... oh wells!

I didn't get anything on my bday list however I did have a good weekend with my family and friends.ANd missed a couple of them. The Kent family might throw me a makeup Bday party since I forgot to tell them it was my bday. So that should be fun! And tomorrow is my brother, Marc's bday! he's in the phillippines... I know mom won't forget his bday since she is not mad at him. Dad won't forget him either since he is his favorite! Ok, have to run and call into a conf call that they rescheduled for me since I had VPN issues in the morning. LOL

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