Saturday, July 11, 2009

An update on my current projects....

An update on my current projects. I found my kits for all my projects that I hope I can complete before the middle of August. The n I can start on everyone else projects for the holiday's.

I found the perfect kit to make my three albums for the three little girls that are due for 2009. ... well, 2 are born already and well the other one is on its way. I so excieted for finding this kit for these ladies and their princess. I just need to figure out when to working on them. I have tons of pictures already for one little princess. LOL they send me the pictures daily via my cell phone. Now to get them to send them directly to my email. Oh wells. The kit is called It's a Girl! by SgD Design (kit link)
Sample layout by SgD Design ... And these are quick pages for sale tooo...
This little princess belongs to Norma.

My CT layouts to come when I figure out when I am working on those albums.

Found 2 good kits to fit perfect for Lana's mini-bday party and her bday dinner with her brother, her parents and others... This kit is also good for the ones I will take at the bar for my bday party. Jay is coming to play so there is a Live Band. It's called Pink A Dots and Chocolate Covered Cherries by DigiSkrapNMomma at Scraps with a Mouse. I just realize I am going to need a Birthday related stuff, I will have to head back to SgD Store and use Inspired Designs Studios bday elements.  And then if Patty will ever send me her wedding picture I have a new kit by Simply Susan Godfrey called Joined In Heart with tons of wedding elements.

I've working on a handful of sketches I will be using for all of these album projects that way I am not making one layout for 3 different albums. Maybe after doing a couple pages they will say awe how cute and want me to make more for money. So I can finally start my S4H business. Which I am still working on in between things. It's a toss between before the holidays or start in 2010 to only do layouts for other for a price and no more freebies. Not sure which that's why I am working on my business plan in between things and why I so need more memory and or get a new computer for my bday.

Well, more to come when I get things done and ready to show them off to everyone. "Without action, you are not going to be able to produce the results that you want in your life." I am so trying to do more than just dream of it. I feel that right now is the perfect time to do rather than sit around. No one is really going to be there for me and my dreams so I need to step up to the plate and just do it for my personal satisfaction.

(BFF, so I need you to keep me honest and ask for that business plan when you come home. Maybe the "wife" can look at it at a business point of view and maybe he can give me points on how to get angel investors. Are you coming home for christmas or your just making the colorado and LA stops for a week and then heading back? Let me know. Oh yah, if you have time in between your thesis can you send me a couple of pictures of you and family so I can make your California parents an album. Or just a recent group picture so I can make a Holiday Photo Card they can send to everyone! And no, it's not to kiss booty, they already love me.)

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