Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SSG: Hope Faith Love Cure - CT layouts

Just in time ... finished my CT layouts. I kinda cheated on the pictures and pulled them from the net. I would have used picture of Shawn's mom a recent survior of Breast Cancer this year. But she didn't want me to... the subject is still a little sour.

Get this quick page and a suprise cluster frame

and a non-breast cancer page
Lana on her bday bike

Monday, September 28, 2009

OKC: Princess by ScrapElf

Found this kit that's tooo adrorable... You should check it out! It is called Princess by ScrapElf. All the elements are all hand-drawn. I really enjoyed making my layouts using this kit. Plus it created a perfect christmas gift idea for this year. Here is the preview of the kit.

Here are my layouts

Savvy and Yasmine being cute infront of the camera.

This one is my latest christmas gift - 2x3 2010 Birthday reminder.
Just had to reuse Savvy's picture - too cute

Saturday, September 26, 2009

SSG: Hope Faith Love Cure Kit and Upcoming SSG Events

If you've been on my blog lately, you must of seen a lot of Simply Susan Godfrey layouts and Ads. It's been about two weeks since I accepted the position on Promo Team Lead which I am totally loving the opportunities she lets me explore.  We just finished a 2 week freebie on her blog - so visit and check out her enteries from 9/13 to 9/26.  If you are Divine Digital fan - from 9/27 to 10/3 is their Fall Frenzy Scavenger Hunt.... 9/28 Woodland Jamboree Brag book Hunt and 9/29 Harvest Blessing Brag Book Hunt. Susan is also participating in a Thankful Blog Train, so check back on her blog for her freebies on 10/1.

My latest project that's coming along nicely. We, as in Simply Susan Godfrey's Creative Team is hosting a week long Blog Train using Susan's Harvest Blessing kit. The blog train starts on 10/11 at Susan's blog and then everyday one of the ladies will post their freebie for you to download. The train ends here on the 10/17. Check back here a week ahead to grab your train schedule.

As many of you know October is Breast Cancer awarness month and Susan has created an awesome kit to honor those surviors. It is called Hope Faith Love Cure.

kits availble at

I created this 2010 Calendar layout using SgD Designs template and Susan's kit. It came out really cute and it you want it grab it. It is for personal use only. Thanks

More to come I have to work on my CT layouts :)
Thank you for visiting

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SWAM: CT CAll and CT layouts using Dana' Creative Studio kit

First off I want to let you know there is a Store CT Call at Scraps with a Mouse. Easy requirments - 2 kits min, 1 layout each kit, and post to SWAM< DST, and on of your choice. Send inquires to with subject line CT Call.
Right now this store is new and has their grand opening this week, check them out COUPON!
Also Last week check out the store blog for links to their Blog Train, last week.

Here are my layouts using Dana's Creative Studio - All that she wants Tagger kit.

I just happen to run across the 2008 pictures of Lana on her bday and her 2009 bday picture.
What a difference a year makes

To get these 3 in a picture is hard to do and to get them to smile is even better

Yasmine and Savvy
They were taking pictures to make a scrapbook (paper). It was cute.
Yamine never scrapbooked and she had fun! So glad I didn't toss any of my stuff.
The girls had a blast!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SSG: Two New kits in Stores NOW - Jan Marie and Hope Faith Love Cure - Breast Cancer Awareness!

Here are the 2 newest kits created by Simply Susan Godfrey!

Kits are available at Divine Digital, Faith Sisters
Scrapbooks Gone Digital

This kit is dedicated to 2 special women in my life, my Mother-In-Law and my Aunt. Both of whom are named Jan Marie and both of whom went to be with the Lord much earlier than I would have liked.

It is estimated that 192,370 women will be diagnosed with and 40,170 women will die of cancer of the breast in 2009. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with cancer of the breast during their lifetime. These are scary statistics. My own mother is a breast cancer survivor, so I know first hand what a family goes through when this disease strikes. This is why it’s SO important to do monthly self-check breast exams and be diligent about reporting in unusual changes to you doctor, because not all breast cancers produce lumps in the breast. My Mom’s breast cancer was called Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and the only sign was a rash on her breast that would not go away. So don't forget to do you monthly breast exams and get "squished" yearly (Mammogram)!

This kit is dedicated to my Mom, Kathy McNiel, as well as all the other survivors and those suffering through this disease.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SSG - 2 Weeks of Daily Freebies from 9/13 to 9/26

Reminder to visit her blog ... Today starts her Daily Freebies
for 2 weeks!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No boys allowed by Scrappin Diva (Kristi W)

This is tooo cute and I had to scrap it. I was supposed to finish these last weekend but she was ok with this weekend. The kit is so adorable and so many ways to use it. The kit is called No Boys Allowed and you can find it in her shop!
Besides my usual pictures ... see savvy, yasmine, and lana... That day they were doing makeup .. they would not let me take pictures of them but I had this one after they cleaned up. I just remember Yasmin does not know how to put make up on... Savvy shockingly she does but then again she has a big sis.
Oh then I found a picture of my shoe's daughter and her cousins looking way to cute. Shoe = my friend, Patty. At one point, we worked in the same office 2 cubies away and we talked all the time. She helped me during a big life changing experience. Anyways, we would name objects to talk about people. We just stook with calling each other Shoe.
Now this layout.. well didn't come out the way I wanted it to but the picture and the journalling was perfect. I am going to re-scrap this one. The picture is a bikini cake my friends Rosemary made for her boyfriends's friends birthday. (sh! I've asked her to send me bunch of her cake pics and I am making an ablum for her for xmas so she can really show off her cakes).
And the last LO is of Gracie when she was a baby. I think she was less than
6mons old in this one. This one is for Shannon! Another co-worker turned friend. This one really brings out the kit and its elements.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Store, CT Call, and a New kit from Simply Susan Godfrey

Simply Susan Godfrey has a new store! Yah!!!!! and a new kit out called Harvest Blessing. First off her new store is Divine Digitals. We are all happy that she was accepted to this store... Hurry and visit her store - there is 30% off good for anything in her shop at Divine Digital. Hurry the coupon expires 9/18/2009
Her newest kit is called Harvest Blessing... a great kit that's perfect
for giving thanks to those around you.
With having a new store Simply Susan Godfrey is looking for
talented layout artists to add to her Creative Team. 
She is a wonderful designer with wonderful kits.
Send your CT applications to

Oh have one more last thing to add ...
Simply Susan is having a Freebie Promotion from Sept 13 to the 26th.
Check out her blog!

OK.. that should do it for today!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Elementary kit from PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones

Well, I don't normally go for one-kit call but for some reason I did and I am very glad I did. The kit is called Elementary by Pick A Paper. You can find the kit at Scrapbook Elements. She did an awesome job.
Here are my layouts to this really cute kit.
This is Ky... she belongs to Deb (aka The ScrappinCop)
And this little guy belongs to my cousin.

Friday, September 4, 2009

CT Calls and new layouts!

The last couple of days, I've sat down and put things on paper, like mini-goals, trying to have a reasonable budget, and just a couple of things. I bought an organizer... it's simple but its something that will keep me honest and hopefully on track on of things. I am just sick of being where I am and if I don't do something, I have a feeling I will not get out. Ok enough about me and my whinnings.

Three (3) of my Creative Teams are having a CT Call. Experience is not necessary. The requirments varies for each team but it's something like 1 min kit a month, post in their stores plus one of your choice, enable them everywhere, wear their blinkies, and participation on CT forums.  So if you are interested please send a short-bio, favorite gallery links, and current CTs to the appropiate designer.  Here are the CT trends for their specific requirment. I hope you do apply, I love working with them. They are wonderful women!
Ok now to more CT layouts ....
These layouts are using Simply Susan Godfrey's newst kit called Woodland Jamboree. This first one is of Shawn's nephew, Bryce.  All of these pictures came from family members sending them to me via cell phone.
This next layout is with Michael and Lana, my brother's kids. I had to watch them for a couple hours on Saturday. My mom had stuff to do in the morning and then Eric got them after he was done with his work. They went the park the day before and rode their bikes. They were still in my mom's car so we had to take them out before she left. So they rode their bikes in the garage ... then I had to drive shawn to work. LOL there is another story with the bikes... Lana got her princess one for her bday in July from her parents. LOL Michael, that little brat, whinned that he wanted one... I think within a couple of days, his dad bought him the green bike... talk about SPOILED! Oh wells ...
My last layout is of Bryce and Shawn jumping into the pool. They both made big splashes. Notice the form... they are the same. LOL. Shawn was complaining I don't scrap him... so here is his layout, kinda... his back side at least.   And if you really like this layout, you can find it Faith Sisters in a couple of days.  I am sure you can find wonderful pictures to fil into this layout.
To the next layout .... The elements were designed by Gina Hubbard. I don't think she scraps anymore. When she was at Scrapbooks Gone Digital, I CT for her. This is of Bryce, my bar manager ... and the owner is right next to him. 8/23 Dodger vs Cubs the bar did a customer appreciation thing.. rented a bus and the whole 30 min drive we drank and drank and then we watched the game directly under the blazing sun behind third base. I took a pic of my sweetie and rick and the rest was of Bryan taking a nap in the first 3 innings. This pic was during the first inning.
This next layout .... again using Gina's kits. This is me and my sweetie. Yes he wore black on a very hot day. Him and Rick spent most of the game behind the water fan.
This next one ... is using SgD Designs 2010 Calender template and Simply Susan Godfrey's Sunshiny Day kit... and Bryan's sleepy picture.  He is my bar manager, I had to something nice for him and this was the perfect picture. Monday night, I printed out the 8x10 calender and hung it right in the middle of the bar for all those who notice it. I also left a nice big fat note for him. I haven't seen him since last sunday... so tomorrow night might be interesting.
Ok. well that's all folks for today at least. I am working on one of Simply Susan's Christmas kit and then she has a new kit out this week. Please don't forget to check out the CT calls. These ladies are great and will work with you.

SWAM - Not So Black Tie kit by DigiSkrapNMomma

You have to check out this kit, it's called Not so Black Tie by DigiSkrapNMomma at Scraps with a Mouse. This is my newest creative team and I am trying out CT lead for a couple months. I am very excieted, it's something new to learn.
Here are my CT layouts. I used pictures from Austin and Taylor's Choir Concert in May 2009. Their mommy is my co-worker, Pam. She is like my big sister that I never had. She also lives on the other side of the nation in MN.  A couple of the layouts I was trying new actions/scripts in GIMP and I so glad they came out adorable.
ok.. I am missing a couple of pictures... cuz all of these layout have Austin. Humm have to find the ones with Taylor. Sorry Tay, especially since you picked the kit for me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2010 Calender Templates ...

SgD Designs has a Calendar Template for you .... and just in time to start your Christmas gifts and or to cover any last minute gifts. So far I've made about 10 different layouts for 10 people. Last year I made everyone's photocard to send out to their friends & family as my gift. This year they are getting calenders!
Here are 3 layouts I just completed
Using "It's a Girl!" Annoucement QP and American Rider Clip art. I made my Raider Friends a calender of their newborn (born on the same day of the death of King of Pop)
I used SgD Designs Christmas Collection to make this one for Austin and Alex. Austin start HS this week... It's a big deal to my friend Pam...that's her baby
This is using elements of It's A girl! I really like how each blind I was able to fill the space with a face. This was taken at Lana's beach party. She had fun...


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