Friday, September 4, 2009

CT Calls and new layouts!

The last couple of days, I've sat down and put things on paper, like mini-goals, trying to have a reasonable budget, and just a couple of things. I bought an organizer... it's simple but its something that will keep me honest and hopefully on track on of things. I am just sick of being where I am and if I don't do something, I have a feeling I will not get out. Ok enough about me and my whinnings.

Three (3) of my Creative Teams are having a CT Call. Experience is not necessary. The requirments varies for each team but it's something like 1 min kit a month, post in their stores plus one of your choice, enable them everywhere, wear their blinkies, and participation on CT forums.  So if you are interested please send a short-bio, favorite gallery links, and current CTs to the appropiate designer.  Here are the CT trends for their specific requirment. I hope you do apply, I love working with them. They are wonderful women!
Ok now to more CT layouts ....
These layouts are using Simply Susan Godfrey's newst kit called Woodland Jamboree. This first one is of Shawn's nephew, Bryce.  All of these pictures came from family members sending them to me via cell phone.
This next layout is with Michael and Lana, my brother's kids. I had to watch them for a couple hours on Saturday. My mom had stuff to do in the morning and then Eric got them after he was done with his work. They went the park the day before and rode their bikes. They were still in my mom's car so we had to take them out before she left. So they rode their bikes in the garage ... then I had to drive shawn to work. LOL there is another story with the bikes... Lana got her princess one for her bday in July from her parents. LOL Michael, that little brat, whinned that he wanted one... I think within a couple of days, his dad bought him the green bike... talk about SPOILED! Oh wells ...
My last layout is of Bryce and Shawn jumping into the pool. They both made big splashes. Notice the form... they are the same. LOL. Shawn was complaining I don't scrap him... so here is his layout, kinda... his back side at least.   And if you really like this layout, you can find it Faith Sisters in a couple of days.  I am sure you can find wonderful pictures to fil into this layout.
To the next layout .... The elements were designed by Gina Hubbard. I don't think she scraps anymore. When she was at Scrapbooks Gone Digital, I CT for her. This is of Bryce, my bar manager ... and the owner is right next to him. 8/23 Dodger vs Cubs the bar did a customer appreciation thing.. rented a bus and the whole 30 min drive we drank and drank and then we watched the game directly under the blazing sun behind third base. I took a pic of my sweetie and rick and the rest was of Bryan taking a nap in the first 3 innings. This pic was during the first inning.
This next layout .... again using Gina's kits. This is me and my sweetie. Yes he wore black on a very hot day. Him and Rick spent most of the game behind the water fan.
This next one ... is using SgD Designs 2010 Calender template and Simply Susan Godfrey's Sunshiny Day kit... and Bryan's sleepy picture.  He is my bar manager, I had to something nice for him and this was the perfect picture. Monday night, I printed out the 8x10 calender and hung it right in the middle of the bar for all those who notice it. I also left a nice big fat note for him. I haven't seen him since last sunday... so tomorrow night might be interesting.
Ok. well that's all folks for today at least. I am working on one of Simply Susan's Christmas kit and then she has a new kit out this week. Please don't forget to check out the CT calls. These ladies are great and will work with you.

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