Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've always been interested in why the interest in Tagger Kits. So I joined Cotton Candy Kreations Creative Team. I have no knowledge in Tagger Kits and their tuts but I am interested in learning that side of scrapbooking.  My first kit comes from Dawn's Scraps.
Over at the bar, the drama continues were managment are being dumb and not communicating with the bartenders. They use "this is a business" as an excuse. At this point, they really need to do what they say.  I don't know the story but having the issue unresolved is a problem. Well, gotta go and get read for bed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grungy Dots ....

Well, I had time to surf my favorite blogs and found that Kim has a new kit called Grungy Dots (kit found on 5/16 post: HERE). You should check out her blog from time to time she comes out with a kit or a template! I've created 2 8x11 quick pages using her new kit. Enjoy! They came out cute!

You can download the quick pages HERE

Well, I am hopeing everyone have a safe memorial weekend! DOn't forget to keep the soliders stationed everywhere protecting Freedom! They deserve it.. and keep them in your prayers! I know I will... I have family overseas doing their job protecting our Freedom! Have a safe weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yah1 It's Friday...

Well, it's Friday. It went from a nice time to a really bad week. The only way I know to deal with stuff is stuff it in a box and throw away the key.  Last Friday, I went to Cowboy Country with a group of Gals for Leanne's Girlz Night Out bday. She had a blast! Here are some of the layouts I made for her. I have a little more from that night to complete. OK sorry to on a couple of the pictures are a little naughty. We went out again on Wednesday to the RoadHouse. I have those to scrap. My sweety went with us, he kinda had fun but not really. Kit used by Donna Phillips - Inspired Design Studios

Charles is back from Alabama.. at first it was from Saturday to today but he can't go home. One of his old tickets was not cleared so he is stuck here till next month. Now this guy is an intersting fellow... He has a book coming out as soon as he goes back! He's one of those conspiracy buffs. I had a layout somewhere...Oh there it is!

I found a new site. The challenges are pretty cool. This layout is for the Charmer's time to dance Challenge - which is a desktop challenge. I scrapped Astin and Alex. Austin's bday is June 9. He belongs to Pam... my co-worker, big sister from a another mother, and friend.

Pam emailed me her pictures from her birthday last friday. I only scrapped the people. I used Simpy Susan's Friendship Angels kit to make these kits. You can find the kit at Faith Sisters Store.
And I don't feel like saying more about another thing, it will make me cry. But no need to worry I am hoping for the best to happen. But you never know. I do have to say that I am sorry that I was rude but doesn't explain the last part of the argument and I am not comfortable  So I do hope things happen on a happy note... and it did! I love my baby... even though he is a dorkface some days.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday and I have tons of things to tell you!

First off before I get introuble...
Happy Birthday Pam (she's my BIG sister from another mother)
and Happy Birthday John (he's my best friend in NY)!!!!!!!
Now on to my CT news.
As many of you know, I CT for Simply Susan Godfrey and I create Quick pages and Brag books for her at Faith Sisters Shop. What's cool about this for you is that starting Today to an undetermined time Susan is lowering all of her kits and quick pages to $1. That's right $1. Check out her store at Faith Sisters!
Simply Susan's newest kit is called "Catch A Wave" 
Perfect for those Beach Trips. Color scheme is Yellow, Orange, and Blue.
And this kit contains 96 elements ... and it's only $1
Here is my one layout... I've been working on couple of quick pages and maybe a bookmark for those of you who have a summer book in mind. I created the word art it's about a Smile. The point of this layout is that Shawn's smile is the same smile in every picture, plus I just felt like making a page of poeple smiling with my honey. Pictures were taken from his birthday in January.
On to SgD Designs, Norma's last kit The Valentine Collection was perfect for my nephews pictures. He was born in 2007 but I finally got the first couple of days pictures. I used this kit to display his pictures of then and now. The word art came from a set I posted awhile ago.  Here is a couple pages of Damien.
And here is one of my honey and me... 
 We took that picture ealier this month and it was a good fit for this kit
And This layout was created using Simply Susan's Sugar Baby kit.
This is Bean playing with a gummy yummy penguin that has a yummy filling in his belly.
On to my personal life, you can leave now... Just keeping John and Pam updated.

Friday, May 8, 2009

FriendshipAngels Bookmarker freebie available at Faith Sisters .... and stuff

This is kit is really cute. I likethe angels the best along with the color scheme - natural colors. I think she was working on the Let go Green bitty kit while working on this one. The kit is sold at Faith Sisters... however goto this link and you'll see the complete kit, 4 quick pages, and a nice freebie.

Download this free product sample here. (sorry no preview, computer issues)
On to other things.. I could not resist but I turned on my dieing computer for a couple of hours last night to work on a couple layouts. But for some reason I am getting some type of error message to display any of my layouts that I workd on. Oh wells. Enjoy the freebie bookmarkers - they both feature Simply Susan's new kits Let's go Green and FriendshipAngels.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Latest News

Well that was a fun weekend - A couple days off away from work, family, and all that drama. And then totally forgot that Mother's day is this Sunday! Took care of that really quick. Shawn and I bought the same present for our mom's. Shawn's mom liked her gift. I know my mommy will like her's. And of course, I made a scrapbook page for a couple people - My mommy, IE, Shawn's mom, and "you know who" - I found 4 5x7 plastic frames for a $1 at CVS. I wish I had a couple more for a couple of people.  LOL I guess this trip took a lot out of my loss tougue.


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