Friday, May 22, 2009

Yah1 It's Friday...

Well, it's Friday. It went from a nice time to a really bad week. The only way I know to deal with stuff is stuff it in a box and throw away the key.  Last Friday, I went to Cowboy Country with a group of Gals for Leanne's Girlz Night Out bday. She had a blast! Here are some of the layouts I made for her. I have a little more from that night to complete. OK sorry to on a couple of the pictures are a little naughty. We went out again on Wednesday to the RoadHouse. I have those to scrap. My sweety went with us, he kinda had fun but not really. Kit used by Donna Phillips - Inspired Design Studios

Charles is back from Alabama.. at first it was from Saturday to today but he can't go home. One of his old tickets was not cleared so he is stuck here till next month. Now this guy is an intersting fellow... He has a book coming out as soon as he goes back! He's one of those conspiracy buffs. I had a layout somewhere...Oh there it is!

I found a new site. The challenges are pretty cool. This layout is for the Charmer's time to dance Challenge - which is a desktop challenge. I scrapped Astin and Alex. Austin's bday is June 9. He belongs to Pam... my co-worker, big sister from a another mother, and friend.

Pam emailed me her pictures from her birthday last friday. I only scrapped the people. I used Simpy Susan's Friendship Angels kit to make these kits. You can find the kit at Faith Sisters Store.
And I don't feel like saying more about another thing, it will make me cry. But no need to worry I am hoping for the best to happen. But you never know. I do have to say that I am sorry that I was rude but doesn't explain the last part of the argument and I am not comfortable  So I do hope things happen on a happy note... and it did! I love my baby... even though he is a dorkface some days.

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