Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simplay Susan Godfrey has done it again - New kit called Friendship Angels

Simply Susan has done it again... and better yet head to her store at Faith Sisters and you'll see - her entire store is on sale!!!! Click HERE to her store! Her newest kit called Friendship Angels has a bunch of great elements and backgrounds. And the color palette is perfect for all sorts of albums. Here is a preview of her newest kit.

Friendship is the thread that ties hearts together.

Friendship is the theme of this cute, country style kit. It's perfect for all you special friendship angels in whatever form they take!

Papers are 12x12, 300 dpi, jpg files. Elements are 300 dpi png files. Drop shadows shown for preview only and to enhance the realism of items. Kit contains 34 pieces.

Kit contains:

10 patterned & solid papers

3 wooden angels

1 blue gingham bow on hanger

1 red polka dot ribbon

1 blue gingham bow in eyelets

1 blue & red paper flower

1 tan & brown paper flower

1 twine knot with word beads "Friends"

1 decorated tag "Friendship"

1 wooden heart

1 journaling box

1 red polka dot book plate

1 red polka dot hinge

1 scalloped frame

1 red grossgrain, folded ribbon with staple

1 wooden star

1 blue string

1 wooden sunflower

1 twine tag hanger

1 red twill bow

1 word art "Friendship is the thread that ties hearts together"

1 blue gingham ribbon wrapped tag

1 blue zig zag stitching

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lol drama at the bar between friends!!!

It's funny that I posted a Quote about Friends, yesturday! Well, I haven't caused much drama and I am still waiting on the outcome of the last two weeks reguarding "you know who" and my brother. Oh ya, I didn't let the cat out of the bag, Kevin told me that my cousin's daughter.. (techniqually she is my 2nd cousin's offspring) saw the same info I saw on myspace and told her parents (her dad is my 2nd cousin). And her mom called my mom and there you have it. I have to be all secret about some of the details because from time to time "you know who" pops in here and reads and looks for layouts of the kids and her. but anyways...

You can download the friends WA HERE Sorry, drop shadow is added to the WA.
Drama at the bar.. I am so glad that the relationships that I've made at the bar are with trustworthly people and not possisive jealous types of people. And I don't air my business to them.. lol I air it out here with a larger audience stretching from all directions. The night bartender got a call from the owner telling her that she was caught by a neighboor business drink outside the bar from the trunk of her BFs car. OK we are all trying to figure out who said anything. But in the meantime, her BF is not allowed in the bar during her shift only but can come in on other ppls shifts and when he is shooting for league. The night goes on and night bartender goes to the bar next door (they are a full bar and we are only a beer/wine bar) and talks about it with the people there. The owner of the bar comes around as they were headed to see me. They always visit me while I work after they are sooboring up. Well the owner of the other bar hears what is being said from his bartender (who happens to be his brother or best friend) and comes over and talks to the night bartender and BF. Thank goodness, I the usuals and they all knew each other and actually didn't care to know the latest and greatest gossip. Basicly,, the person that told my boss was her friend, the morning bartender at the other bar, and she did it because she doesn't like her BF. On top of that, she never saw anything she was relaying the message from a rumor. What happened was we had a party on Friday and the Friday night bartender at the other bar got mad from 6-12 it was slow. But from 12-2 the guys from our party went to that bar and she made a good tips. In the meantime, the guys from that party didn't pay their tab from the party. The next morning that person told the "friend" and then she went to tell my boss. Then went to work and told her boss, the owner. Well, he said he was going to talk to our boss and tell him what really happened. So hopefully this will ease the situation. I just know that the friends she picked at the other bar are not worth it. Oh wells... that was the drama from last night.

As for the BF, he is actually good for her. She needed someone to treat her right and he is the one to do it. She's 43 and he is 31, i think. But you would think she would be the bad influence vs the other way around. She is happy with him. And if people don't like it oh wells all you can do is be there for her when she needs it. That's the crap I had to deal with when my family/ friends and Shawn. I can't really drop my family but the friends who did have a problem with him I no longer speak to and one of them was a gradeschool friend. That one was a little hard to get over but you know what... my happiness is worth something. The only friend I had to make sure saw Shawn for who really is was by BFF. From the last meeting up, BFF and BF had a great time making fun of me! And my BF realize that once you get over the macho-ness and the BS, he's not that bad of a guy.

I love this quote. It makes you think.
Well, Harley found Richard's daughter and they are making arragments for his viewing. I've learned a lot from the people I see at the bar. You see all types of people there from bums to college kids (they are the worst, they always want to start crap) to well established business owners having a drink.

Monday, April 27, 2009

LOL JOhn called... A drawing of Lana!

Since I am computerless this totally sucks... I've actually made 10 paper scrapbook layouts. I miss my computer! So on my downtime I am keeping up with my CT forums which is kinda my weakness. And I am looking up fairy princess kits. Lana's birthday is in July. Her parents are taking her to Disneyland but I am throwing her a "Princess Party". So I am looking up kits that's already out there to give me an idea of what I can use to decorate, create the invite, and maybe get my hands wet and create a kit on my own.

Well usually I am scrapbooking on a conferance call but this time I was drawing Lana... seeing if I still know my portrait drawing rules. I showed it to a couple of people and it came out pretty close minus the details. Please leave your comments if this looks like lana!

It's weird I kinda want this week to go really really really slow but fast. Is it possible to skip a day and not let that day come about. Shawn are planning to go to Oakland on Thursday but it all depends on what happens on Thursday morning. My boss is on vacation till today ..and she is coming back to at least 400+ emails. So I have to make sure she see's my PTO request for Friday & Monday. But everything is based on what happens Thursday morning. I already got my shift covered for Sunday night. Can I just ask father time to skip a day or at least from 8-5pm. I want to have some type of vacation away from all the drama.

I talked to my BFF last night because I guilt him on an email. We talked for an hour, thank goodness the bar so super dead and I wasn't being rude to people. It's weird the last time I talk to him was in January, I think. It's not recent .. we need to eventually talk talk talk session. But that won't be till he's done with his thesis in 2 weeks. Then he's gonna take a 2 year break and figure that he needs to go back to school for something, this is what he does every 2-3 years he goes back to school for something and slightly changes his speciality while he has either a kick ass job or internship... basicly where his income is null. It's a good thing he's the only kid and his parents adore him lots. Now this is "shit-talking" compared to the other stuff that happened over the weekend. One thing different I know my BFF and he knows me and this what we do. I am waiting for an email he supposed to send me of his doctor friend but that won't be for another 2-6 months. (Heart you John.) I am also waiting for a recent pic of him so I can add it to this quote about friends.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend but quess what next weekend is... NSD!!!

Before I get into the drama of the weekend.... Next week is National Scrapbooking Day! So many scrapbooking sites are having tons of activities, sales, and freebies.  So be sure you stop at your favorite sites to see what they are offering. Here is a list of my favorite designers:

These ladies are great designers. They all have different styles in their designs. I love that each of them are different.

I found the cutest quote it was on someone's signature line. I made it into a word art. I am going to use it as a Word Art challenge at SgD. This months's word art challenge is " The Special Ingredient is nothing"... It's weird I feel like this quote is something to follow especially when you give 100% to everyone and they don't appreciate it because they are not getting anything out of it.  It's hard.
More drama, sorry! I tell ya... Shawn was right. I stuck my nose into "you know who's" business I get double karma shoved in my face. My brother calls it "shit-talking" but come on I didn't do that I told the truth. I guess the truth hurts too. Now, I know that others have called "you know who" out and that's most likely "shit-talking". Oh wells. I didn't take the kids Saturday but after I got my nails done I went to my parents house to eat lunch with my brother and the kids. I was craving noodle soup. I had the noodle soup and the three of them had Rainbow Shaved Ice. Anyways, after driving around to the mall, pet store, we went home. I cleaned out my car - two trash bags worth of trash. Then mom comes out with a disturbing call, Kevin takes it and it's for an ad to purchase a Mustang via Craigslist listing. Mom was freaked out because Kevin's personal information and the house number was on the list. First off, we don't have a mustang and my brother and parent's have no idea how to post an ad on Craigslist. Well, after a day of phone calls I just had a feeling that "you know who" was behind this. So I called Eric ... well he is going to find out who it is and then he mentioned "you know who's" brother knows about cars. OMG I went nuts. It's one thing to take it on Kevin or me but to scare my parents and to see my mother nervous. I don't think so. Anyways, I told him my two cents and hopefully he figures something out. The 2 postings are removed from Craigslist and I am debating weather to seek legal action on this form of harassment. The weekend is not over yet... Next week Shawn and I want to go to Oakland but for some reason finding someone to work for me on Sunday is a B...Itch. I help the other girls out and when I want to take a vaction they don't help. The only one willing to help is Kelli but not sure if the boss will go with it. I have till Monday to cancel the plans. So the quote above is so true in my life right now.

But then again... I totally love this quote. I have so many pictures that I can use with this quote. Well, since I don't have a computer I've been trying to blog the new kits from my Creative Teams. Along with my rambling of what's going on with me, so if you don't like it I am sorry. Like I said this keeps me sane and it keeps my BFF and Big sis know I am ok.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's go Green! by Simply Susan Godfrey

What did you do on the 22nd on Earth Day? My contribution:
  • I did not print a single paper at work or at home
  • I planted a tree
  • I bought a couple scrapbook things and they planted a tree for me
  • I walked instead of driving to the store
Well in honor of Earth Day, Simply Susan has created this lovely Bitty Kit avaiable at FaithSisters

I am glad today is Friday! But on the way home from dropping off Savvy my breaks started making metal on metal noise which is not good since I got them done last Friday! I am so pissed have to make time at lunchtime after to I drop off Shawn at work. Hopefully the boss won't get mad. Last night, we saw Monster vs Aliens. Shawn and Savvy like it but for me it was ok. I rather watch Caroline again than this one but it was fun having a movie night with my mini family. Not sure how much it will cost hopefully not an arm and a leg but Brian is building me a puter. I could just got to Best buys and get it for about $400-500 but he said if he does it he might be able to knock the price down a bit. So I am excieted. My luck with computers has been a pain... before it kinda died on me... I didnt have internet since November 2008, since memory is a problem - tried of deleting kits that I haven't used in over a year to create space, using a flash drive to save my current layouts b/c puter is full. So badly need an OS update but no... oh that reminds me I need to find my XP disc. With all the moving I did in the last 8 months, I hope I find it.  I wanted to take a stab at designing and finally learn Photoshop but no puter won't let me. Ok I am done complaining for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I was supposed to with a friend to a party but she's made other plans with other friends. But that's ok I can be a couch potatoe or see if I can take the kids... hard choice!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The Special Ingredient is Nothing" BLOG challenge

WOW, I am talkative this month. I need a place to vent within reason plus my BFF and Big Sis reads my blog so they know I am not completely breaking down. Well, I guess karma is catching up with me for being mean to "you know who"... because my computer died last night. Well, it's not completely died but it's close. I had to reboot 5 time in 3 hours last night and I got the blue screen a death on the 3rd reboot. Debating what to do since this was very unexpected... ask a friend to build me one or check out Fry's and put it on lay-a-way. Another set of bad news, my first store my go bye-bye since sales are really low for the site, in general. But that's ok. It was nice seeing my name in a store. Maybe there can be an alternative to that but don't know yet.

Ok back to scrapbooking ... I am hosting a couple of BLOG challenge (the same challenge is also at SgD - I've been watching Kong Fu Panda a couple times as background noise while I work. The movie is great and has a lot of great sayings. For my first Word Art challenge is "The Special Ingredient is Nothing!"... If you seen the movie you know the meaning of that statement. If you don't scrap what you think the saying means to you. I would love to see your layouts, please post your link back here! And if you post at SgD Gallery, then you are in the drawing to win a Store Coupon! Thanks... You can download, the WA I've created HERE. The deadline for this challenge is at the end of May.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you Richard and Rest in Peace!

Well, things were put in perspective last night. A couple things before I drop this topic: All the venting and complain I did to "you know who" is not worth it. Let it be what it is... if that's what they want then so be it. Even though I am getting conflicting reactions... She says one thing and then the kid says another. But then again, they are teaching the kids how to lie. Yah, that's what I said. Anyways, if "you know who" is reading this, I am not sorry I went off at you but congrates on your pregnancy. Being new life into this world should be something to celebrate. Hope this child will change your attitude on life. My family, as well as, yours will always be there to assist with kids. For the record, it takes two; my brother is also at fault here. OMG, I can't believe I snooped to this level of drama. But it deals with my godson and I have to put in my two cents.

OK. What brought all of this into perspective was a guy named Richard! I would see him a couple times, at the bar, but then again I only work 2 nights. This little old man with his black beanie, long ZZ top beard, his cane, and his distinctive smell of urine would order a pitcher of Budweiser. He would sit there drinking his beer while his smell would clear the bar and anyone who stays gets a headache. Sometimes he would order pizza for everyone. I remember when I first meet him he asked me if he should shave his beard. I told him do what makes you happy and he never shaved his beard. On in case you did not pick up, Richard lived under the freeway with his dancing pal. He passed away from a heart attack and it didn't help it was hot, yesterday. He is in a good place. From what Harley tells me, he has a daughter and they are trying to reach her.

On to happier news, I finally finished Lana's Baptism Album. But I have to reformat it to print right. Here are the last pages of the album. I had to pull out the bible to grab some quotes. That's my new thing for now; I am grabbing quotes and phases to add to the layouts. Yes, "you know who" are in some of them but I figured if I am printing the pages for my brother, Marc. I might as well include them.

credits to the designers,
Love letter by Simply Susan Godfrey
Dreams of Yesturday by Kim's Scrappin'
and an unknown designer I can't seem to find her TOU


Monday, April 20, 2009

A hard weekend... do you have one of those? I had to write my thoughts done her b/c when the babies are born I can reflect back.

Well, this weekend was supposed to be a mini break from having the kids (michael, lana, and savvy) and by all means it was. Well, I was posting a bunch of layouts on Myspace and Facebook because I've been lazy, busy, and I've been working on a couple of albums ... I see one little comment and I go nuts. I did things I would normally not do ... I started drama. Nothing new but OMG I am so heart broken that the people that do not deserve life get life (as in they get prego and they can't even take care of business). One of the girls that's prego, I don't like the word abortion and think the whole process is wrong but she totally needs to consider that.. but she is keeping the baby. I think solely to trap the father again. This one I have so much to vent out but I won't because it's going to happen no matter what I say or do. Then the other girl, I feel for her she has Type B cancer. I am so scared for her but she is too far long to do anything but to enjoy life.

April is so far a busy month as far as creating albums. Auntie Merlyn arrived on the 14th and she has a flash drive filled with Damien's pictures. She said Marc is too tried when he comes home from work to post the pictures! So that's one album I am working on. I need to finish and print Lana's Baptism from Febuary. I've completed and posted Jelynn's birthday album. I came out absolutly adorable. It's funny her mom, we call her I.E. instead of Auntie Evelyn... anyways she was giving me lip for putting the "E" in evette lower case. I explained 4 times that it was because I was using a Font that the "e"'s are lower case and the whole point of the layout was to emphasis on the "J" in Jelynn. Then Dee asked me to do a couple layouts with her and her friends and miget (that's my nickname I've always called Kevin, my younger brother... his new nickname from Jelynn (aka: bean) is fathead! And what's cool, is I might get paid for Dee's album! Finally, I can make money off my hobby. I am kinda of debating on weather I should start an new album for that one girl but I am definantly making on for the other one. Only because a picture is a memory! Memories are good especially when you are telling a story for future generations

I am so sorry you had to read my oops in life. I normally don't ramble but I really needed to. So thanks for listening.

Here are some new layouts from the ablums that I've completed and or in-progress.

The first two are of Michael and Lana at the park having a good time. I am working on a Word Art package of quotes that have inspired me on experiences that recently have occured in my life.

This one is a card I made for Yellow. Yellow is the nickname I call my friend Grant. Grant is a good person to keep handy LOL. And if you are playing against him on the pool table .. he's actually pretty good. The Gal in the picture is Leslie. She is one of Shawn's sister.

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Greater love and Be Mine Bitty Kit by Simply Susan Godfrey

Drum roll ... A new 6x4 Brag Book available at Simply Susan Godfrey Store! This brag book has 7 ready to use quick pages plus a cover page and a journal page! Kits used are No Greater Love and Be Mine Bitty Kits.
Here is a sample of the quick pages in use... Savvy and her 2 Easter Eggs!
She is really the KEY to Shawn's heart!
And if you want you can have this quick page for visiting my blog.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ready to "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by 88 Designs by M

Auntie Merlyn is coming soon and I am stuck (again) with creating new pages to add to the family album of everyone here in the US to give to my brother in the Phillippines. So I am so happy that Shawn bought me  my camera and printer. I've had my new printer for a month and I already need ink. 

"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by 88 Designs by M is Melanie's newest kit available at SgD. One thing I love about this kit are the paper pack. She has solid pages along with edge pages with create doodles.  Here is the preview of this adorable spingtime kit.
Here are my layouts!
Cute Funny faces - featuring my favorite kids ,,, Michael, Savvy, and Lana
Next three layouts the grandkids to my mommy and daddy
Damien Marc
Lana Michele
Michael Eric

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Garden Challenge at SgD Site

I am hosting a couple SgD Challenges for April ... But the first one is called Spring Garden Challenge. It's a really simple challenge and it's perfect for April. The details are found here! And the winning layout will recieve a $5 coupon for anything in the SgD Store!

And just to get you started you can download a quick page I created using Inspired Design Studio's newest kit called - "A hint of Spring" ... There is no preview so you have to download it to check it out! Grab it here in this thread!

put on your "Southern Charm" and "A hint of Spring" by Inspired Designs Studio

Another great kit created by Donna - Inspired Design Studio- It's called Southern Charm. It's perfect for those romantic photos, vintage photos or simply family moments. Here are my layouts:
The first two layouts are pictures of one of my friends - Leanne! She came out really cute!
and of course made another layout of Lana's Baptism -
This one is with the parents and god parents. And I am so so so very happy with the extraction of Lana.
(The Alpha is also created by Donna - American Alpha set)
And then another kit to mention by Donna is called "A hint of Spring" -
She out did herself with wonderful elements. I specificly love the bunny.
I created a freebie quick page for all to enjoy or spark your interest in checking out the the kit.
To get the grab the freebie download head to the SgD Forum - Member's Freebies Section.


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