Monday, April 27, 2009

LOL JOhn called... A drawing of Lana!

Since I am computerless this totally sucks... I've actually made 10 paper scrapbook layouts. I miss my computer! So on my downtime I am keeping up with my CT forums which is kinda my weakness. And I am looking up fairy princess kits. Lana's birthday is in July. Her parents are taking her to Disneyland but I am throwing her a "Princess Party". So I am looking up kits that's already out there to give me an idea of what I can use to decorate, create the invite, and maybe get my hands wet and create a kit on my own.

Well usually I am scrapbooking on a conferance call but this time I was drawing Lana... seeing if I still know my portrait drawing rules. I showed it to a couple of people and it came out pretty close minus the details. Please leave your comments if this looks like lana!

It's weird I kinda want this week to go really really really slow but fast. Is it possible to skip a day and not let that day come about. Shawn are planning to go to Oakland on Thursday but it all depends on what happens on Thursday morning. My boss is on vacation till today ..and she is coming back to at least 400+ emails. So I have to make sure she see's my PTO request for Friday & Monday. But everything is based on what happens Thursday morning. I already got my shift covered for Sunday night. Can I just ask father time to skip a day or at least from 8-5pm. I want to have some type of vacation away from all the drama.

I talked to my BFF last night because I guilt him on an email. We talked for an hour, thank goodness the bar so super dead and I wasn't being rude to people. It's weird the last time I talk to him was in January, I think. It's not recent .. we need to eventually talk talk talk session. But that won't be till he's done with his thesis in 2 weeks. Then he's gonna take a 2 year break and figure that he needs to go back to school for something, this is what he does every 2-3 years he goes back to school for something and slightly changes his speciality while he has either a kick ass job or internship... basicly where his income is null. It's a good thing he's the only kid and his parents adore him lots. Now this is "shit-talking" compared to the other stuff that happened over the weekend. One thing different I know my BFF and he knows me and this what we do. I am waiting for an email he supposed to send me of his doctor friend but that won't be for another 2-6 months. (Heart you John.) I am also waiting for a recent pic of him so I can add it to this quote about friends.

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