Monday, April 20, 2009

A hard weekend... do you have one of those? I had to write my thoughts done her b/c when the babies are born I can reflect back.

Well, this weekend was supposed to be a mini break from having the kids (michael, lana, and savvy) and by all means it was. Well, I was posting a bunch of layouts on Myspace and Facebook because I've been lazy, busy, and I've been working on a couple of albums ... I see one little comment and I go nuts. I did things I would normally not do ... I started drama. Nothing new but OMG I am so heart broken that the people that do not deserve life get life (as in they get prego and they can't even take care of business). One of the girls that's prego, I don't like the word abortion and think the whole process is wrong but she totally needs to consider that.. but she is keeping the baby. I think solely to trap the father again. This one I have so much to vent out but I won't because it's going to happen no matter what I say or do. Then the other girl, I feel for her she has Type B cancer. I am so scared for her but she is too far long to do anything but to enjoy life.

April is so far a busy month as far as creating albums. Auntie Merlyn arrived on the 14th and she has a flash drive filled with Damien's pictures. She said Marc is too tried when he comes home from work to post the pictures! So that's one album I am working on. I need to finish and print Lana's Baptism from Febuary. I've completed and posted Jelynn's birthday album. I came out absolutly adorable. It's funny her mom, we call her I.E. instead of Auntie Evelyn... anyways she was giving me lip for putting the "E" in evette lower case. I explained 4 times that it was because I was using a Font that the "e"'s are lower case and the whole point of the layout was to emphasis on the "J" in Jelynn. Then Dee asked me to do a couple layouts with her and her friends and miget (that's my nickname I've always called Kevin, my younger brother... his new nickname from Jelynn (aka: bean) is fathead! And what's cool, is I might get paid for Dee's album! Finally, I can make money off my hobby. I am kinda of debating on weather I should start an new album for that one girl but I am definantly making on for the other one. Only because a picture is a memory! Memories are good especially when you are telling a story for future generations

I am so sorry you had to read my oops in life. I normally don't ramble but I really needed to. So thanks for listening.

Here are some new layouts from the ablums that I've completed and or in-progress.

The first two are of Michael and Lana at the park having a good time. I am working on a Word Art package of quotes that have inspired me on experiences that recently have occured in my life.

This one is a card I made for Yellow. Yellow is the nickname I call my friend Grant. Grant is a good person to keep handy LOL. And if you are playing against him on the pool table .. he's actually pretty good. The Gal in the picture is Leslie. She is one of Shawn's sister.

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