Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you Richard and Rest in Peace!

Well, things were put in perspective last night. A couple things before I drop this topic: All the venting and complain I did to "you know who" is not worth it. Let it be what it is... if that's what they want then so be it. Even though I am getting conflicting reactions... She says one thing and then the kid says another. But then again, they are teaching the kids how to lie. Yah, that's what I said. Anyways, if "you know who" is reading this, I am not sorry I went off at you but congrates on your pregnancy. Being new life into this world should be something to celebrate. Hope this child will change your attitude on life. My family, as well as, yours will always be there to assist with kids. For the record, it takes two; my brother is also at fault here. OMG, I can't believe I snooped to this level of drama. But it deals with my godson and I have to put in my two cents.

OK. What brought all of this into perspective was a guy named Richard! I would see him a couple times, at the bar, but then again I only work 2 nights. This little old man with his black beanie, long ZZ top beard, his cane, and his distinctive smell of urine would order a pitcher of Budweiser. He would sit there drinking his beer while his smell would clear the bar and anyone who stays gets a headache. Sometimes he would order pizza for everyone. I remember when I first meet him he asked me if he should shave his beard. I told him do what makes you happy and he never shaved his beard. On in case you did not pick up, Richard lived under the freeway with his dancing pal. He passed away from a heart attack and it didn't help it was hot, yesterday. He is in a good place. From what Harley tells me, he has a daughter and they are trying to reach her.

On to happier news, I finally finished Lana's Baptism Album. But I have to reformat it to print right. Here are the last pages of the album. I had to pull out the bible to grab some quotes. That's my new thing for now; I am grabbing quotes and phases to add to the layouts. Yes, "you know who" are in some of them but I figured if I am printing the pages for my brother, Marc. I might as well include them.

credits to the designers,
Love letter by Simply Susan Godfrey
Dreams of Yesturday by Kim's Scrappin'
and an unknown designer I can't seem to find her TOU


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