Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lol drama at the bar between friends!!!

It's funny that I posted a Quote about Friends, yesturday! Well, I haven't caused much drama and I am still waiting on the outcome of the last two weeks reguarding "you know who" and my brother. Oh ya, I didn't let the cat out of the bag, Kevin told me that my cousin's daughter.. (techniqually she is my 2nd cousin's offspring) saw the same info I saw on myspace and told her parents (her dad is my 2nd cousin). And her mom called my mom and there you have it. I have to be all secret about some of the details because from time to time "you know who" pops in here and reads and looks for layouts of the kids and her. but anyways...

You can download the friends WA HERE Sorry, drop shadow is added to the WA.
Drama at the bar.. I am so glad that the relationships that I've made at the bar are with trustworthly people and not possisive jealous types of people. And I don't air my business to them.. lol I air it out here with a larger audience stretching from all directions. The night bartender got a call from the owner telling her that she was caught by a neighboor business drink outside the bar from the trunk of her BFs car. OK we are all trying to figure out who said anything. But in the meantime, her BF is not allowed in the bar during her shift only but can come in on other ppls shifts and when he is shooting for league. The night goes on and night bartender goes to the bar next door (they are a full bar and we are only a beer/wine bar) and talks about it with the people there. The owner of the bar comes around as they were headed to see me. They always visit me while I work after they are sooboring up. Well the owner of the other bar hears what is being said from his bartender (who happens to be his brother or best friend) and comes over and talks to the night bartender and BF. Thank goodness, I the usuals and they all knew each other and actually didn't care to know the latest and greatest gossip. Basicly,, the person that told my boss was her friend, the morning bartender at the other bar, and she did it because she doesn't like her BF. On top of that, she never saw anything she was relaying the message from a rumor. What happened was we had a party on Friday and the Friday night bartender at the other bar got mad from 6-12 it was slow. But from 12-2 the guys from our party went to that bar and she made a good tips. In the meantime, the guys from that party didn't pay their tab from the party. The next morning that person told the "friend" and then she went to tell my boss. Then went to work and told her boss, the owner. Well, he said he was going to talk to our boss and tell him what really happened. So hopefully this will ease the situation. I just know that the friends she picked at the other bar are not worth it. Oh wells... that was the drama from last night.

As for the BF, he is actually good for her. She needed someone to treat her right and he is the one to do it. She's 43 and he is 31, i think. But you would think she would be the bad influence vs the other way around. She is happy with him. And if people don't like it oh wells all you can do is be there for her when she needs it. That's the crap I had to deal with when my family/ friends and Shawn. I can't really drop my family but the friends who did have a problem with him I no longer speak to and one of them was a gradeschool friend. That one was a little hard to get over but you know what... my happiness is worth something. The only friend I had to make sure saw Shawn for who really is was by BFF. From the last meeting up, BFF and BF had a great time making fun of me! And my BF realize that once you get over the macho-ness and the BS, he's not that bad of a guy.

I love this quote. It makes you think.
Well, Harley found Richard's daughter and they are making arragments for his viewing. I've learned a lot from the people I see at the bar. You see all types of people there from bums to college kids (they are the worst, they always want to start crap) to well established business owners having a drink.


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