Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend but quess what next weekend is... NSD!!!

Before I get into the drama of the weekend.... Next week is National Scrapbooking Day! So many scrapbooking sites are having tons of activities, sales, and freebies.  So be sure you stop at your favorite sites to see what they are offering. Here is a list of my favorite designers:

These ladies are great designers. They all have different styles in their designs. I love that each of them are different.

I found the cutest quote it was on someone's signature line. I made it into a word art. I am going to use it as a Word Art challenge at SgD. This months's word art challenge is " The Special Ingredient is nothing"... It's weird I feel like this quote is something to follow especially when you give 100% to everyone and they don't appreciate it because they are not getting anything out of it.  It's hard.
More drama, sorry! I tell ya... Shawn was right. I stuck my nose into "you know who's" business I get double karma shoved in my face. My brother calls it "shit-talking" but come on I didn't do that I told the truth. I guess the truth hurts too. Now, I know that others have called "you know who" out and that's most likely "shit-talking". Oh wells. I didn't take the kids Saturday but after I got my nails done I went to my parents house to eat lunch with my brother and the kids. I was craving noodle soup. I had the noodle soup and the three of them had Rainbow Shaved Ice. Anyways, after driving around to the mall, pet store, we went home. I cleaned out my car - two trash bags worth of trash. Then mom comes out with a disturbing call, Kevin takes it and it's for an ad to purchase a Mustang via Craigslist listing. Mom was freaked out because Kevin's personal information and the house number was on the list. First off, we don't have a mustang and my brother and parent's have no idea how to post an ad on Craigslist. Well, after a day of phone calls I just had a feeling that "you know who" was behind this. So I called Eric ... well he is going to find out who it is and then he mentioned "you know who's" brother knows about cars. OMG I went nuts. It's one thing to take it on Kevin or me but to scare my parents and to see my mother nervous. I don't think so. Anyways, I told him my two cents and hopefully he figures something out. The 2 postings are removed from Craigslist and I am debating weather to seek legal action on this form of harassment. The weekend is not over yet... Next week Shawn and I want to go to Oakland but for some reason finding someone to work for me on Sunday is a B...Itch. I help the other girls out and when I want to take a vaction they don't help. The only one willing to help is Kelli but not sure if the boss will go with it. I have till Monday to cancel the plans. So the quote above is so true in my life right now.

But then again... I totally love this quote. I have so many pictures that I can use with this quote. Well, since I don't have a computer I've been trying to blog the new kits from my Creative Teams. Along with my rambling of what's going on with me, so if you don't like it I am sorry. Like I said this keeps me sane and it keeps my BFF and Big sis know I am ok.

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