Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's go Green! by Simply Susan Godfrey

What did you do on the 22nd on Earth Day? My contribution:
  • I did not print a single paper at work or at home
  • I planted a tree
  • I bought a couple scrapbook things and they planted a tree for me
  • I walked instead of driving to the store
Well in honor of Earth Day, Simply Susan has created this lovely Bitty Kit avaiable at FaithSisters

I am glad today is Friday! But on the way home from dropping off Savvy my breaks started making metal on metal noise which is not good since I got them done last Friday! I am so pissed have to make time at lunchtime after to I drop off Shawn at work. Hopefully the boss won't get mad. Last night, we saw Monster vs Aliens. Shawn and Savvy like it but for me it was ok. I rather watch Caroline again than this one but it was fun having a movie night with my mini family. Not sure how much it will cost hopefully not an arm and a leg but Brian is building me a puter. I could just got to Best buys and get it for about $400-500 but he said if he does it he might be able to knock the price down a bit. So I am excieted. My luck with computers has been a pain... before it kinda died on me... I didnt have internet since November 2008, since memory is a problem - tried of deleting kits that I haven't used in over a year to create space, using a flash drive to save my current layouts b/c puter is full. So badly need an OS update but no... oh that reminds me I need to find my XP disc. With all the moving I did in the last 8 months, I hope I find it.  I wanted to take a stab at designing and finally learn Photoshop but no puter won't let me. Ok I am done complaining for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I was supposed to with a friend to a party but she's made other plans with other friends. But that's ok I can be a couch potatoe or see if I can take the kids... hard choice!

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