Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mediterranean Dawn

This is a cute title for a cute kit by Athena Designs at Cotton Candy Kreations. I practiced on my extraction ... it's not perfect but I need more work on it to be able to create layouts you find at DST, DSA,  and other galleries. But I did like the one layout I used the quote: Attitude is a choice. I didn't have a picture to add to the layout so I added a bird doodle by The ScrappinCop. It actually completed the layout.
Savvy was posing for me for a theme challenge that I ended up not doing due to time. So it was a perfect picture to practice of extraction.
This is another picture I was trying to extract. I messed up by making the picture smaller before extracting from the orginal format so her picture is a bit blurry. I missed it but Shawn was able to make it to her Spring Concert... from the mini videos the kids all sound like future rock stars.
I can't believe I am working OT at regular job then go to the bar for the night shift. The one day I can afford to sleep in I volunteer for OT and its for Saturday and Sunday. I swear I hate what's going on these days.
I have more to whine about but I am not sure if I should. I just know I soooo need a vacation away from everything and everyone and my drama. Anyways, I found this really cool external hard drive but I can't afford it now but maybe later when things settle down. Wishful thinking. Oh wells. (And if my BFF is reading this .. I am not being the better person because I don't wanna. I should listen to you because your advise is usually on the dot but I don't wanna. So I am not. That will add to the drama later but I don't wanna).

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