Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Found something sweet... Cupcakes

Well, I am still having issues with downloading kits but I will have to breakdown and download them via my brothers computer at my parents house. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Anyways, I looking for a cute birthday cake to bake myself, Shawn's Mom, and lana's birthday cake. I was looking at cupcakes! They seem like the next birthday cake - no need for extra forks and plates!

Here are a couple of sites that I've checking out ....

This weekend was bad. And I feel it will become a little more painful as July comes around. I don't undestand human nature anymore. Well over the course of June, so much has happen to her but she is just a plain lier but it doesn't excuse her from putting herself and her kids in danger. She says she wants out but she doesnt press charges. She says she wants a new life but she turns her head to those that try to help her. I tried as much as I can do but I am not getting involve she is trouble. I know it! She knows it! and those around her know it. Her story is a sad story to tell but I met another women that's a but more exciting. Last night we talked about our lives and what has become of it. She has 4 kids and one is one the way and she is 40+. She has been throu so much in her life and I am very happy to know her and call her friend. We are who we are due to the choices we make in life. And then there is what's his name, he is a good person who needs to set up for himself he almost did it but he was joking. But I bet him in darts on Saturday I think the score was 5-3. And then Khang challenge me I won 3 of 4. It was cool..he was not so happy. Not everything is perfect and will never be perfect. With all the whinning I do there are people that are worst than me. "We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to, wheather wanted or unwanted." That is the law of attraction ... And "to be valueable to anyone you have to have something to leverage." I see that now in a lot of people. Like "T" she expects problems and she is dead center in a big problem. Like "G" she expects a new start and happiness and she will get that especially with the baby on the way. Like "H" always in a good mood and happy as can be willing to help those around her but when she needs help no one is coming around but with her like Jack, there is new hope for her. She just needs to put the past behind her first. Like "J..W"  he expects nothing and he will get nothing especially to those who walk all over him and don't realize he is a good person to rely on.

Check back soon there are a lot of July 4th sales and SgD turns 3. We have a lot of exciting challenges and giveaways.

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