Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is your favorite month?

July is my favorite month. In my family alone there are 5 birthdays plus me: Lana, my niece on the 8th, Joan, Shawn's mommy on the 18th, Rashelle, co-worker on the 19th, Lara, Marc, my little brother on the 22nd and my cousin on the 26th. Oh yah, can't forget my CT site - Scrapbooks gone Digital.... And best of all it's smacked in the middle of summer!

Lately, I've caught the bug of creating my own items. I joined a yahoo group called ADS... basicly a group of newbie scrapbook designers going through the motions together to create, design, and provide feeback on our works of art. This month one of the challenges is to make textured background... It's actually fun! More to come when I finish my set.

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