Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whispers of Autumn by 88 Designs by M

I am pleased to tell you this is my first CT kit with 88 designs by M... M for Melanie. In a short period of time Melanie went from CT member to designer at Scrapbooks Gone Digital. This kit has a nice Fall theme but as many of you know I like to make layouts outside the theme of the kit. Enjoi!
and here are my layouts...
This my friend Andi. She's too adorable! And yes she totally did not want me to take her picture. In fact she wanted me to delete this one. But if she is reading this .. Andi, you don't need to put make-up all the time because your a beautiful.
This is Morgan Jean .. MJ almost like Spidie' Girl. But this is my god-daughter. Her mommy is one of my BFFs from way back in high school. And yes MJ looks like her mommy.
Last layout is a picture of JD...
According to Sharon JD is the Master of the household. I put the wrong name on the layout.
Sharon corrected me but for some reason the name of her other cat goes well with the picture.
Oh Wells, Sorry JD and Sharon :)
Hope you like my layouts. I do!

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