Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just thoughts...

Hi. Its been a long morning kinda sucks that a friendship went blah in the matter of seconds. to the best of my knowledge we did what we could. Guess it wasnt enough. Lesson learned ... we'll meet ya there!

I couldn't just grab a CT kit ... those I have to put love in them so they purtty and have meaning to them. So I grabbed a couple of flower pictures that I took and some I found on royal free galleries then added some texture.

I feel a little better but not really. I feel bad for my old friend and wish things can be better but shit happens I guess and have to live with its consequences.  Anyways, I rarely use my blog to document my feelings so bare with me.

Here is the flower backgrounds - like I said above these are not all my images so Personal USE Only, please. Enjoy!

Download - click on explaination mark ! lol

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