Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

OK.. October is a busy birthday month. The 24th was Leslie & Yohan's, then PoP PoP's birthday was Saturday, 25th... But out of everyone's birthday the most important one goes out to my little brother who's not so little no more...
(credits on card: combination of SgD Designs and Inspired Designs- Check out their store at - Entire month of November 25% of Sale)
Here's Kevin's profile picture on myspace ... 
I think that's his BFF's leg. I know for a fact his leg is not sexy and slender. I love you Kevin.  I miss you and your annoying comments. You know you can call but I know you are having fun growing up. Have fun on your bithday. Don't drink tooo much. I will call you early in the morning to wish you Happy Birthday. So if you are sleepying expect a call.
Happy Birthday to everyone in October!

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