Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving is such a pain! ... Did you know about DSD?

I am having a bad day.. my business line was disconnected at the start of the day rather than end of day. The DSL connection is still available till I get the cable connection installed and they don't have a date. I need to be out by Friday.. I still have to move my work desk and empty out the storage unit. On top of that there are a lot of left over junk that will remain in the old apartment.. just don't have space and or storage in new location. And I have 8 of 10 projects done ... the last 2 projects are due on the 7th and I don't feel like I didn't give 100% on my testing. Even though my boss & PMs tell me that I am going great. I am beyond stress... hopefully November will be a less stressful month since the holiday's are coming.

On to scrapbooking... What is DSD. It means Digital Scrapbooking Day! Yes we have a day! Check out the DSD site for all the challenges and activities. This year DSD is on Saturday ...November 1st.
There are so many sites that show's you how to make a layout for newbies... For example,
* If you use GIMP - check out Scrapbooks Gone Digital
* if you want the basics, I found this site ~Digi Scrap 101 ~ It looks put together

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