Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Venting ... so don't mind me!

There are times were I think, I've been cursed with the burden on dealing with morons. That's the word I am looking for... but it will do for now, I guess.  There are 4 things - more like people that have been bugging me lately and I have no control over it because people are people. They all have faults and I being the better person SHOULD accept them for who they are... I've tried and It's not going anywhere... I am not going to name names cuz that will just lead to drama. And really if you know who you are I am NOT looking for your drama. I am simply venting to myself so I can move on. There is NO need to curse at me, NO need to defend yourself . I don't care to hear what you have to say at this point, anyways!

Well I was going to tell you about them but I as I typed away. I realized that they are who they are due to their environment, family up-bring, and their education. So they are who they are because that is what they developed into. They can only change, if they see they need to change and these characters wouldn't see it till it's too late. Hummm, that didn't take long to calm down. Then again it doesn't help to be watching "Ed Wood" followed by "Resident Evil" to put things back in check. I just have to believe that people are people and I just have to deal with their annoyances. Oh wells... that kinda sucks!!!!

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