Thursday, November 20, 2008

I got an award!

What a cute award Mo (Buttner-Jenkins) left me on her blog. Thank you my dear.

I am to pass this on to 6 blogs together with the 6 things I love. Here goes:

1. I love me

2. I love my family and friends especially my mini family (Shawn and Savvy - boyfriend and his daughter)

3. I love being happy

4. I love to Scrapbooking

5. I love to eat all kinds of cake & coffee

6. I love my god-kids (Kati, TJ, Morgan, and Michael)

And passing it on to you amazing ladies out there:

1. Donna - - awesome kits and support

2. Kim - - for great inspiration and support

3. Norma - - for allowing me to learn digital scrapbooking, my firt Creative team

4. Jan - - for introducing me to scrapbooking

5. HollyAnn - - great templates, freebies, and GIMP tuts

6. Hummie's World - - for a place to find new ideas

Have fun ladies .......

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