Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yah Football!

Yah! Football Season is Here! Pre-season but still. My co-worker (at my Mon-Fri job)ask me to make her a cute Football Schedule for her team. She rather look at something cute rather than the newspaper clipping on her fridge. I was busy this week at work so I haven't been able to download the team logos. But the freehand layout I did with Dallas came out cute!

Here is the one I made for Shannon.
Credits: Football, Paper, Word-art "Touchdown" by Gina Hubbard.
Flower by Inspired Designs Studio
This is the sample layout I posted at the Bar to make extra money. So far this week I have 2 orders one for Dallas with his family picture and one for Green Bay with his picture. These are all 8.5x11 size layouts.
Background, Football (recolor), star by Gina Hubbard
PhotoMat paper by Megadoodle Designs
I do have to download the football figures that The ScrappinCop made for CU use. That I will do this weekend to make another pre-made template.

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