Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a weekend...

Well, I was supposed to stay in and sleep yesturday but we ended up picking up Savvy and headed to Mike's place. The kids painted rocks and the adults played Wii. It was fun! And for dinner well Domino's messed up ..they put jalapenos on the all 3 pizzas instead of on the side. The kids manage to eat two slices with three cups of milk. I took so many pictures of the kids but only was able to scrap 3 layouts. Enjoy
The Adults doing there thing... They look like they are buzzed!
Credits: SgD Designs - Mouse Collection
The famous jalapeno pizza
Credits - Isnpired Designs - Girlfriends kit
Oh shoot, Kati I believe ... Andi and Mike's princess.. She totally loved the camera!!!
Credits: Inspired Designs - Cute as a Button Kit
and then I did this one the other day for a challenge somewhere about my valentine... who else, it's Shawn!
credits: All elements by Inspired Designs - Rock Star kit and Word art came from Everlasting kit
Well, I am off to getting ready to head to the bar and work.. hopefully I can close at 12am and it will be dead tonight. Sad, but I don't feel like working tonight... I just want to stay home and scrapbooks some more, sleep, and get rid of this cold...

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